My Ebay item was sent to the wrong state!!

  1. Hi ladies,

    I sold a Rachel Pally dress to a woman in Dover, MA. It arrived (according to the tacking number) in New York. I have the tracking slip with her address and zip code which is NOTHING close to the New York address.

    What in the world could have happened??
  2. That is so strange. I've never thought they could mess up that bad. I can understand not finding the address but to ship it to the wrong address all together is weird. It's like they never paid attention to the correct address and just ship it to whomever.
  3. Did you send it USPS? Sometimes they scan things "arrived" when really they mean "at a post office somewhere." I had an item where the tracking said "arrived," but it was never delivered. I came to find out that just meant it had arrived at the post office. In fact, I never managed to get my hands on the package, they shipped it back to the sender after a few days without ever attempting to deliver it.
  4. No, it says DELIVERED to Slingerlands, NY.... The woman at USPS said that maybe the label came off and got stuck to another package or else it was re-routed. But she also said if it was re-routed, it shouldn't say "delivered."
  5. This happened to me once. My cousin sent me a package. I tracked it everyday, and finally it said it was delivered, but the location was San Francisco :huh: I freaked out since I was (still am) located in Laguna Beach, not San Francisco. I was about to check with the local PO, but before I left home, I found the box sitting on my porch :huh: Still not sure what happened. Since I received my package, I didn't complain or try to find out why it said it was delivered to SF. I do hope the package did arrive safely IntlSet in Dover as it's supposed to.
  6. Thanks, twinangel... unfortunately, even if she does receive the package, the buyer can claim that she's never received the package and I can't prove that I sent it with the tracking number. I do have the receipt and the tracking slip with DOVER, MA written on it, but I doubt Paypal or Ebay will look at that.
  7. Maybe the receiver will do the right thing and have it sent back to the sender (you). But if you have insurance, that is a good back up too! I have claimed insurance before and it turned out to be easier than I thought.

    Good luck!
  8. If this was sent USPS, it has happened to me too. In my case, something going to Santa Monica, Calif. was sent to NEW JERSEY by accident. Turns out the clerk who keyed in the zip code when it was scanned, transposed a number. It took two extra weeks to reach it's destination but it did get there! When it was delivered, the information was updated in the USPS system and it did prove it got where it was supposed to go.
  9. Oh LORD... okay, the dress got to her. I think a clerk did make a mistake. Thanks so much, guys!!
  10. That's good. Glad to hear it got to where it was supposed to go to.
  11. glad to here it all worked out in the end
  12. oh thank goodness it arrived to where it was suppose to get too!!! :smile:
  13. My package took two weeks to leave California I guess it just was sitting somewhere for few day then it went to Ohio two weeks later which was the wrong state I'm in Oregon, It reminded me of 3rd world mail service . This was such a big screw up and I hope that it was just a mistake, and keyed in the wrong number the seller on Ebay seems to careless, if I never receive it I can open a case to get my money back.
  14. Sometimes packages take the scenic route before reaching their final destination. Machines can misread zip codes and there can also be human error. Generally, they do eventually arrive and more often than not, it's through no fault of the seller.

    Have you been in touch with the seller? What state is she located in? I'd give it another few days to a week to see what happens. Unless it's showing delivery to another state, you can probably assume it's making its way to you.
  15. I had a package just today get shipped to a town 30 miles away and show delivered. I called the PO and they sent it to me the next day. They updated the status to 'mis-shipped'.........really!?