My Ebay Finds~

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  1. So I have been watching e-bay and found some good deals.I got a Bonnie Wristlet $46.50 shipped, a cute charm for $25.52 shipped, ( ebay pic. haven't recieved yet,) and just wanted to share my $2.75 shipped bare escentuals make-up bag~

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  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]Sorry about the blurry pic.s.
  4. I love them both!! Congrats :yahoo:
  5. Thank you! I just couldn't believe the prices, they were worth it, especially the charm.I have never seen this one.:yahoo:
  6. Dawn, same here I've nvr see the charm before, very pretty!! It's a great find.
  7. congrats the bonnie.
  8. Love them, great deals!
  9. love the bonnie wristlet!
  10. Interesting charm OP, I assume you got it authenticated in the forum here, did they say what year it was from or the name of it?
  11. Did you get that charm authenticated? Something isn't right to me about it...
  12. great buys, congrats!
  13. Yes,it is Authentic, it is the Rhinestone & Daisies Charm..It is older, but hey for a price like that, who wouldn't have grabbed it!
  14. Glad to hear your find was both a steal AND unique!
  15. that Bonnie wristlet is too cute, dawn!