My eBay find - green Sophia

  1. I found this on eBay for $250 (shipped). I think it will be perfect for spring/summer next year. I'm so excited. :yahoo:

    Okay and for real - purse ban is in effect 100% - at least for 3 months. Keep me in check please!:yes:
  2. Congratulations Dawn! I love green bags! But I think you shouldn't wait until spring/summer. Use it now! :yes:
  3. Thanks! Can you see the picture okay? It isn't showing up for me. I am sometimes hesitant to buy on eBay, but her feedback is 100% (and over 300 comments). I don't think I'll be able to wait for spring/summer anyway! hehe:roflmfao:
  4. Dawn, congrats on your purchase! That's spearmint, right? It's a beautiful color. Please post bigger picture if you can. Again, enjoy your bag! You got such a good deal!! :yahoo:
  5. Hi! I didn't know how small the picture is - holy cow! Here is a different one that is bigger! lol! Sorry about that!

    I don't think it's Spearmint - it looks more green - you may be able to see it better now. :shame:
  6. Congrats Dawn! I love the color!!
    great price too. :wlae:
  7. Thanks! :smile:
  8. Dawn, congrats! =)
    I believe your Sophia is Resort 05's Emerald, the suede lining is green right?

  9. Yes - a pretty pale green suede.

    :amazed:I'm amazed by your MJ knowledge! ;)
    Thank you!
  10. Amazing color! :love:

    I would love to see some modeling pics when you receive the bag, if you don't mind!
  11. What a lovely color! Enjoy your new Sophia!
  12. Yeah i'm pretty sure that's the Emerald from 05 too. It's more "apple green" than the current emerald, i love that shade!