My ebay find- baby bezel studs

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  1. Ideal diamond studs in the .80tcw range are on my wish list but not within my budget currently. So while browsing eBay's pre-owned jewels, I stumbled upon these little cuties. The seller said her ex had purchased them from Di Scenza jewelry in Boston. She described them as .40tcw, H-I, eye clean, very good cut and while they are definitely smaller (.20tcw) my jeweler said for the price I got ($135) I couldn't have had them made for less. She said they were definitely keepers. They don't compare with my AGS ideal and ExExEx diamonds in terms of performance but they look clear and very bright and I haven't taken them off since they arrived. They are comfy to sleep in and have very secure tension backs. I've really been enjoying the understated sparkle they provide.
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394067227.107373.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394067853.426022.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394067862.727649.jpg
  2. They look beautiful on you!!! Great find!!!
  3. what great earrings! i love studs and I've always wanted a bezel stud... wear them in the best of health!
  4. Great Buy! They definitely are so cute! Enjoy.
  5. They are beautiful!! I have large diamond studs but have always wanted very small diamond studs ever since I saw a picture of Julia Roberts with some on. They look very nice on you.
  6. I love those! I want some small ones to put in my 2nd and 3rd hole
  7. Lovely!
  8. They are a great size on you! Awesome find!