My ebay experience... :)

  1. Hey guys! I've only recently started buying coach bags via ebay, and I was (to say the least) a little anxious about purchasing items (especially that expensive!!) online, but I really want to recommend two sellers that have beautiful items consistently, and are 100% authentic. :smile: I know how hard it is to tell if stuff is real online, so I thought i'd make it a little easier for some of you! :smile:
    tahoerebal: I've personally talked to her. I had concerns/qualms (it was my first ebay purchase) & she called me from HAWAII to discuss payment options, authenticity. I ordered the chelsea signature optic in khaki from her, and it is 100% amazing. Also, she looks for items that are sold out, so if you have a request, you can tell her & she'll try to find it for you. :smile: Super nice! She even sent me a shell necklace & a keychain that said "greetings from hawaii" on one side & my name "heather-hekela" on the other side! How thoughtful! :smile:

    The bag was just amazing. She always has beautiful things for sale, and the prices are usually at least $10-20 less than what you would paid in a store. She gets her stuff from outlets, and I really wanted a patchwork bag (which is so hard to find on ebay!) & it is beautiful. The only thing that was negative (at first) was a no return policy, but since her stuff is 100% authentic, you don't have to worry about bidding.

    :smile: i hope this maybe helps someone find the bag that they were looking for. :smile: Just thought I'd pass it on! :smile:
    Much love! :heart:
  2. Hey, thanks for the info! I'm actually more familiar with LV than with Coach, and although I see great deals of Coach on ebay, I don't know who to bid from. Looking forward to looking these people up. ;)
  3. Glad to know your experience of buying Coach on eBay was a good one. Unfortunately mine wasn't back in 2000 when a person from New York sent me a fake backpack and guaranteed it to be 100% authentic. Since then I haven't bought any Coach bags off of eBay.