My ebay Campeggio find came in the mail

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  1. So I was debating if I should buy this bag or not, b/c there were only stock picture on the auction, but thought "well if it's not real, I can either get my money back from paypal or from my cc company." So I clicked on buy it now and was hoping the bag was real. And it is! :yahoo:


    THe cat Qee is Too cute!

    So the auction stated that one of the zippers were broken, but they're all fine. The only thing wrong is that the right pocket's stitching is coming off. But it's nothing I can't fix!

    So sometimes there are Great deals to be found on eBay. I got this Beauty for $90! :tup:
  2. She is so adorable. Congrats!:dothewave:
  3. Wow, great deal, Miyoshi!
  4. I'm so jealous!!!! :drool:
  5. congrats!!!
  6. What a find!! It's beautiful!! :love:
  7. Congrats!
  8. i love a great deal! congrats!