my ebay auction is killing me

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  1. i don't know the status on my selling item now...
    it's on my selling folder on myebay, but i can't see it anywhere on the auction if i search for it except i go copy and paste the link :crybaby:

    and usually when i listed an item, i would get a confirmation on email about it, but i received none.
    and my auction time is ticking though...
    so confuse with my status. what's the purpose of having listed my auction when people can't look for it? and will they still charged me the fees???

    sooo frustrating :cursing:
  2. sometimes, it takes a few hours before the listing shows up on searches.. i chatted with ebay on their customer help thing about this once.
  3. how long ago did you list?
  4. Seahorse - it's taking up to 8 hours for some listings to show up in search lately. Don't worry, if you can see it in your selling folder, it will appear at some point:idea:
  5. Sometimes it does take a couple of hours for a listing to show--did you edit the listing at all? If so, that also holds up the process.
  6. If its a handbag they can now take up to 8 hours to show.

    Last weekend I listed a bunch of Longaberger baskets and 3 of them sold within 5 minutes of my posting.

    Go figure.
  7. recently there are lots of new actions on ebay which relates to crack down on ebay ID thief, fake branded goods, etc. i am wondering if this is one of those. perhaps they are inspecting the goods before listing it...?
  8. ah, it's sorted well now :P
    my auction appears, but still haven't received a notice from ebay that i have succesfully listed the bag. weird, i used to get an instant notice.

    and i agreed with bagpunk, there's been more rules regarding selling, now i have to have a paypal account. usually i never been able to set up an account on paypal because i'm from indonesia, one of the country banned from paypal, thans to the awful hacker here :cursing:
    but now i succeed to create an account there :yes:

    thanks girls for your reponses