My eBay account was hacked!

  1. Just a heads up....

    Today I noticed 3 strange emails from eBay: 1 titled "Sell for Success: Getting Started" and 2 titled "Multiple use of Direct Debit account information". I thought this was odd because I've been a member for years and I have not used my account in quite some time. So I logged in.

    And I see that I have 4 auctions going! 3 were ending in the next 10 hours and 1 was ending in 2 days. Luckily none of them had any bids so I cancelled them all, changed my passwords and secret question, and contacted eBay via email. I was happy to receive a reply within minutes, and I was instructed to begin a live chat. After waiting for about 10 minutes on live chat, I finally got to chat with a nice representative.

    They put my account on hold while they looked into it. He had me verify my name, address, phone number, and asked if he could call me to verify. He called, he made sure it was me, and we went back to live chatting. When I cancelled the auctions they still appeared in the "unsold" area so eBay removed them completely. The live chat guy sent another new password to my email and I had to log in through that one to have my account reinstated. I was refunded the $70 in listing fees and that was that.

    Usually when you list an auction, you get a confirmation email and I got nothing for these bogus auctions. I think the hacker temporarily changed the email address on my account, then put mine back to cover his tracks.

    I admit that my previous password could have been stronger. I have a much better one now! So even though I don't do very much business through eBay, I am going to log in and check my account every few days just to make sure I am not missing anything like this again. Scary stuff.
  2. it sounds scary.....
  3. Sorry that happened to you:sad: I had the same thing happen to me a couple of years ago. Someone hacked into my ebay account, changed my password & listed $3,000 worth of TV's. They were from another country! I was freaking out. I contacted Ebay & they were helpful in refunding the fees & removing the auctions. In addition, I went onto Paypal & changed my password & cancelled the credit card that was associated with the account. Better safe than sorry! It's great that Ebay got it taken care of for you so quickly!
  4. oh my ~ how in the world did they get your p/w? That is so scary. Sounds like Ebay handled it very well. :smile:
  5. OMG.. that happened to me too, a lonnng time ago.. the person was listing porn on my name?!?! I was sooo mad, had to stop my account for like a month while ebay looked into it.. they didnt give me clues as to who it was, just an IP address... :cursing:
  6. :wtf: :wtf:

    OMG - that's pretty frightening.
    Sorry this happened to you guys. Nothing is really safe anymore, is it..?:sad:
  7. My friends Paypal account was hacked and now they wont allow her to use paypal anymore. Isn't that crazy!?!
  8. So was mine. It happened last night. I was on the internet, went to Ebay then shrunk it and went to Neimans., Nordstroms and TPF. I brought Ebay back up and I was logged out :confused1:
    I tried to log back in and the password wouldn't work. About the same time I received 2 emails from Ebay. I thought it might be spof so I sent it to They replied that it was indeed sent from Ebay and to do as instructed in the email. The heading of the email was:
    TKO Notice:A28 Password reset follow instructions immediately
    Then I got another one, the heading said this:
    TKO Notice: Ebay listing(s) removed.:confused1: I didn't have anything list for sale.:shrugs: I sent that one to They replied that it was legit also and to follow the intructions.
    I did and the next one I got was:
    TKO notice account restored.

    I was on the phone with them for 30 minutes a while ago and here is what happened.
    Someone hacked into my account, changed my password, changed the secret question to retrieve password and listed a Ford Mustang on my account.:wtf:
    I recieved NO emails from Ebay prior to this happening. That is the first thing that I checked. Nothing before the TKO notices. There is no way they guessed that password, they had to hack into the account. The strange thing about this entire ordeal is that Ebay noticed it and deleted the listing before I even knew that it all happened which leads me to suspect that they may have had a major security screw up last night.
    Anyway, they were very nice on the phone and I spoke with him for about 30 minutes as he went through my messages and we verified that all of the ones that I received did indeed come from Ebay and that there was nothing in my email that was not legitimately from Ebay.
    Aftere we were finished, I took the opportunity to tell them that if they can catch that before I even knew it maybe they could catch the counterfeit bag sellers that keep listing 100 Balenciagas all at once with a BIN of 55.00. :roflmfao:
  9. wow...thats terrible.
    thank goodness ebay refunded you and everything is fixed.
  10. My eBay account was also hacked last Wednesday.

    I was in NYC that day, and returned Thursday night. I found out about the problem from an email message from eBay Thursday night. eBay somehow spotted the problem, removed all 3 listings (mustage, mercedes, and thunderbird), and removed all charges (insertion fees) from my account. They left me instructions on how to recover my account. Since then, I have changed my passwords to my email address, eBay account, and Paypal account, and I can access my eBay account with no problems now.

    The strange thing is that eBay can find out so quickly. To this date, I still have no clues about how someone could have hacked into my eBay account. It is scary that someone got access to my profile information. (Fortunately, Paypal covered up my charge card inofrmation.) I just read some message from another forum member about adding numbers to my password for extra security (He says it is harder to crack.). Perhaps I should double check and make sure all my passwords have numbers as well.
  11. Okay, now I'm positive that what just happened to me was a scam, see my other thread about being offered 2nd chance. I'm sure it's a fake deal... too bad
  12. Remember when TPF was hacked a few weeks ago? You all may have gotten a Trojan virus that day and it has been tracking your movements and passwords. You need to run an updated virus scan and a program like Ad aware or Spybot to clean up your pc. After you are sure that your pc is clean, you need to change evey password stored on your computer. Then, you need to monitor EVERYTHING that has an password (ie. online banking, paypal, ebay, credit cards, utilities, etc.) EVen though you already changed your passwords once, you need to change them again AFTER you are sure that you pc is clean.
  13. Thank you very much for taking the time to write what you did (NVMyLV). Every night I run adWatch last-I usually go between ebay, tPF, MSN, google, PayPal...since tPF was hacked, in spite of daily updating, I have Microsoft Windows popping up re: Word 2002 which I have to wade through-I also was apparently in someone's sights today, when I was knocked off in mid-listing and was unable to get back on ebay-also had a fake PayPal message-called ebay and was told that nothing has happened to my account, but something is definitely up-am changing everything again, thanks for the heads up!

  14. No problem! We all have to be vigilant about our online safety due to the fact that there are some very computer savvy crooks out there. They think up all kinds of schemes to bilk us out of our hard earned money, so they can sit on their lazy butts and make money robbing people.
  15. They could have gotten your Ebay info from you.
    NEVER answer an email from Ebay FROM YOUR EMAIL! Always go to your 'my ebay' page and do it there.
    Scammers will often send you something you need to reply to and when you click reply it will send you to a page that looks like your Ebay signin - you sign in and it gets your info that you just typed in.

    When I get one now I type in
    Username: NICE TRY
    Password: Sucka