My ebay account got hijacked!

  1. Here's all I know... I got an email today from eBay saying that they had received my request to change my email address. Since my internet provider is actually undergoing a change, I thought it was probably related to that. I have recently emailed all of my friends and family alerting them to the recent change in my email address (which will take place over the next 6 months or so.) But, I didn't remember having filled out any paperwork (online of course) with eBay about this, but maybe I had, so I didn't think much of it.

    But, then later today I checked my one auction and happened to notice that the link to my other auctions looked weird. When I clicked on it, I ended up looking at a page from eBay/RUSSIA! Well, I'm in New York State, so at that point I knew something was fishy.

    When I tried to log in to my account to check it out? My password wouldn't work! :cursing: I went to the link I had from the change-of-email notice I'd received from ebay earlier today and was able to utilize their real-time chat feature to change my password.

    The guy I chatted with confirmed that my account had been hijacked by a third party, :censor:. Luckily, nothing more had been listed, no bids or purchases had been made and no changes were made to my one listing.

    Still, it feels very scary and I feel rather violated. The ebay guy also said that my computer was probably infected with a trojan and that I had better run a virus scan. Geez... I have an apple! I thought they were virus-proof! Guess not.:sad:
  2. Oh no, I am so sorry. It is just horrible when anyone gets into your personal stuff. I haven't had it with Ebay but I did recently with my bank account and lost a fortune before they were stopped. The money was refunded by the bank, but it is the hassle, frustration, chaos and downright uncertainty these people cause that is underestimated. Good for you for being so vigilant though and your quick response may well have put others off from picking on you again . . .I, on the otherhand, was so slow to detect it that I am sure I am on a list of 'ditzy targets' for identity fraud now . . .!
  3. I think it's important to inform fellow tPFers about this. I just received the same email, saying that Ebay had received my request to change my email address. Needless to say, I had not done that. I then could not access my account using my password. Thankfully, Live Chat cleared things up and my account is back in my name, not the name of QUENTIN KINDERMAN of Edgewater, MD. However, I came onto tPF as I do almost every evening (what this site has done to my bank account is another story):p, because I wanted to let you all know that I haven't purchased anything on Ebay since 2003! They only time I check out Ebay is through tPF. That, in fact, is why I came here after the Live Chat. Just be aware of an email changing your email address. And as an added note, I did NOT click through the email link, but went into Ebay directly. Just as extra alert in case you receive a phishing scam.
  4. i had this happen before! make sure your paypal account has a different password than your ebay!
  5. :tup:bebe123, you are so right! After taking all those checks, including checking my paypal, I can't believe I didn't take that step. Thank you for that reminder. I just did that!
  6. I had it happen to me and they ended up listing 200 items under my name-what a mess to clean that up! They make it look so legit. Everytime I get something weird I jsut forward to ebay and contact them myselves-not thru any email. It does make you more vigilant about your info.
  7. this happened to me before. I went to check ebay on listing I was watching. I then noticed 50 electronic items were listed on my selling page. I contacted ebay right away. I don't get it why people do that.