my ebano veneta's here, i'm so thrilled!

  1. hey everyone, i've just posted action pics in the action thread, but just thought i'd share close ups of my baby that's just arrived this morning. i'm completely besotted with it! :love:

    Ebano Veneta 4.JPG

    Ebano Veneta 5.JPG
  2. armcandyaddict, congrats on your veneta! Love the action pics!
  3. armcandyaddict - So happy for you! Beautiful Ebano Veneta. You'll enjoy it for a long time.
  4. thanks so much, java_addict and uclaboi. with this latest purchase i think i'm now officially hooked on bv. :shame:
  5. :yahoo: Congratulations! :yahoo:

    A gorgeous start to your BV collection. Perfect for you, well done, aca!
  6. Many congrats a perfect BV bag, I love it!
  7. it's gorgeous armcandyaddict! and what a great choice to start off your collection...beautiful :heart::love::heart:
  8. Congratulations ACA! :yahoo:
    Its very pretty and the wait's definitely worth it!
    Have you taken it out for its debut yet?
  9. congrats!! :biggrin:
  10. thank you, ms piggy, syma, rox_rocks, kopibaby and rosemary. it was definitely worth the wait.

    kopibaby, i have not made a public debut yet but i suspect my veneta will see the light of day very soon, it's hard to resist from taking this beauty out for a spin. :supacool:
  11. armycandyaddict, What a seriously awesome way to kick-start your collection! The veneta is a real beauty, and we love your action pics!!
  12. armcandyaddict, if I had to say one BV is the iconic bag and color for BV, the Veneta in Ebano is it. Congratulations!!! It will be timeless for you.

    OK, off to check your action pics : )
  13. Many congrats! She's a stunner and a beautiful start to your BV collection :heart:
  14. Georgous bag, congrats!!
  15. congrats - OMG, you got my dream bag... I am still waiting to get my hands on (read: the cash for...) this baby.

    enjoy in good health!