My EB Maddy arrived!

  1. Well, my EB Maddy arrived safe and sound all the way from England.

    But I think she is too small for me.:sad:

    She is a gorgeous bag though! :nuts:

    I am soooo confused:confused1:
  2. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that! I've been debating getting a Maddy but was also worried it would be too small. Could you post modeling pictures? It looks gorgeous!
  3. Congratulations Pursendipity she is a Beauty :drool: :drool:

    I hope it works out for you as far as the size of the Maddy goes :confused1:

    What makes you think it is too small for you?
  4. That colour is completely fabulous! congratulations.
    What size bags do you normally carry?
  5. Congrats on your new EB Maddy. It is small in comparison to the Mahala, but sometimes you just need something smaller.
  6. That's why I've been hesitating getting it when it was still available on the website. I think you've snapped up the last one which has been online for a fairly long time. I've tried out the Mahala and the Maddy at my local JC boutique. Actually the Maddy suits me better. But if I can't get an EB Mahala, now I don't mind getting a Maddy. Then I can purchase a Purple Mahala. Heehee. But IMO this EB Maddy is a keeper. Hope it grows on you. If not, there's always a ready!
  7. :crybaby:My hope for a purple Mahala is also dashed. It's gone!:crybaby:
  8. OOoh that looks fab! I love some of the Choo colours, I looked at the Maddy vs Mahala in Harrods two weeks ago and I was suprised at the major difference in size between the two. Maybe they should make an inbetweener and call it a Maddyhala :roflmfao:
  9. nice color...but what bothers me about maddy is that the handle keeps falling off my shoulder, which I really don't like since I expect the handles to stay on my for me maddy cannot be worn on my shoulder with a coat.
  10. I love your EB maddy, the colour is amazing! (I am hoping to get an EB mahala oneday too.) I'm sorry to hear that its not sitting right on your shoulder. Do you think it is because the handles are too short?

  11. Awww! none available in SIN??
  12. Singapore boutique only carried very limited pieces and were sold out long ago. I'm referring to the Sold out too.:crybaby:
  13. yes, the handle is a bit too short for me. mahala has more comfortable handle length, but maybe it's just me...
  14. I'm sorry to hear it may be smaller than you expected :sad:
    I have bigger bags and really want to get a maddy, I wanted more of a handheld bag ...
    On I want maddy!!

    May I ask where you found a eb one?
    I was hoping some maddys might go on sale, but haven't seen any.
  15. I think you've mistaken me for the person starting the thread. I have purple maddy not the EB....but I think EB maddy were sold at, not sold out.