my easy bag pics are too big. anyone with tips on uploading pics?

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  1. i have pics but i can't figure out how to upload them to the site. they say they are too big.

    thanks in advance for any tips!
  2. You can upload them to photobucket and use photobuckets built in resizing tool to resize the images! I hope that works for you!
  3. try to use, I had the same problems and succeded in uploading using that site
  4. i uploaded them to photobucket, but then how do i put it on a post. sorry to be so incompetent, but i'm a bit lost!!

    thanks in advance.:smile:
  5. Here is a thread in our Feedback subforum explaining all about photos: I'm going to have to close this thread because its off topic for the YSL subforum. You can post any additional questions in that thread. Good luck.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.