My East/West has arrived!!

  1. UPS has just arrived!!!
    My bag is fab and the colour so much nicer IRL....
    The only thing is the ends are a little wrinkled, but i remember seeing this on the brown Buffalo leather bags...I think it's just the nature of the leather.
    It's a beautiful rich blue and is fully lined with a kind of velvet on the inside of the lid (if that makes sense??)
    Will try to load some photos at the end of the week..
    With Mulberry honouring the half price, I think I got a bargain.
  2. Sounds lovely, when did you order it? Look forward to your pics :tup:
  3. ordered it Thursday evening.
  4. Ooh, sounds lush! Looking forward to pics! :nuts:
  5. Did you get a tracking no for UPS? Mulberry haven't given me one so I don't know if my Annie is even on its way.They said my order was confirmed and would be dispatched news since.
  6. I ordered a black Annie on Saturday and have just got a UPS tracking number this afternoon. I'm sure yours is on its way too!

  7. I ordered mine Christmas Day...and still no tracking no!
  8. aine1313, I'd give them a ring in case they have misplaced your order. I was told they are sent over in batches to the warehouse??
  9. Thanks Rachel,will give them a call on 2nd January
  10. I ordered my scarf on Christmas day,would like to have it right now,but what the hell,its gonna be cold a while longer so I guess I can wait!!!

    Rach,dying to see your new bag!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!