My Early V-Day Pressie

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  1. :heart: Special Thanks to Everyone who has reponded to my thread at

    As mentioned in the thread, I have bought the pink Coach bag in my own country and I love it! Here are some pics to show my appreciation to all who have enabled me and also to say 'Hi' to everyone on the Coach sub-forum.:heart:

    It is amazing my books can actually fit into the bag! Yippee!:yahoo:





    SP_A1433.jpg SP_A1434.jpg SP_A1435.jpg SP_A1437.jpg SP_A1438.jpg
  2. :heart:One more pic.:heart:

  3. Congrats! I love this bag. I want one in a camel or signature brown.
    It looks like it holds alot too. Enjoy!!
  4. WOWWWW, i love the pink color. I'm sorry that i wasn't able to be here to enable you to buy it, you know i'd take just only 1 post to convince you ;-D.

    I LOVE how spacious it is and you totally proved it by showing that your books fit inside. Will this be an everyday baggie? What other kind of items do you normally put in your purse. My purses are always loaded with crap...LOL...useful crap that is.

  5. Thank you. I think it does! It seems hardy too. Plus :heart: the fact that it does not look enormous (cos altho I am not petite, I am kinda on the skinny side, so anything too big wld look overwhelming on me).
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    I know! Notice this was never mentioned in any of our chats? Haha! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. Oh it is so pretty! I want one for myself. Congrats!
  8. Love mine too!!! Congrats! Be careful when you wear it with dark denim...I pick my outfits around it as it loves to soak up other color.

  9. LOL....i love how you're selective with what you speak about to me!!! I gotta watch out for that and learn to ask more questions next time;).
  10. lovely!:yes:
  11. Pretty!!
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    Oh no no, dun get me wrong, I tell you lots of things, dearie! But for buying stuff i.e. spending money, ahem.....well, let's just say you and I have such similar taste, it will not be asking for opinions if I were to tell you.

    Telling you =
    Going to boutique -> "Oh I want that, do you have a new piece, here is the cash." -> Takes receipt and item -> walks out of boutique, admiring the item in hand.:roflmfao:

    Going with you =
    Going to boutique
    -> "Oh I want that, do you have a new piece?"
    -> "Oh wait, J, you got to look at this!"
    -> "V, how I love this other one too, look at that! Oh and hey, is that a creme nail polish I spot? They carry nail polish here at 'xxx boutique'???"
    -> etc, etc....
    -> comes out with lighter wallets but lighter hearts and heavier shopping bagssssss. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  13. i:heart:handbags - Thank you! I think the USA Outlets might still have them!

    mrscook - thanks for your advice. I intend to get more pastel clothes to match my lighter coloured bags! I need more clothes! Haha...

    ROSECES , and runner22 - 10Q too!
  14. :kiss:
  15. Very nice. The color is so dainty.