My early V day present

  1. Instead of suprising me with an unwanted gift, my hubby decided to take me shopping this afternoon for an early V day present. Well, here it is and thanks for letting me share my joy with yall :smile: (oh btw, these are my "first" Chanel costume jewelry :yahoo: )
    DSC02026.JPG DSC02051.JPG DSC02024.jpg DSC02042.jpg
  2. beautiful..... you have such a nice hubby..... your hubby should train mine.
  3. I love your brooch, very nice. And that necklace is TDF.
  4. oh, your hubby is soooo swet! The piece is sooo beautiful!
  5. Chanel has such great jewelry! You'll be loving those pieces for many years to come! Congratulations!
  6. Congrats!! They are soooo cute!! Happy Valentines!!:heart:
  7. aww!! What a great husband you have! I love your brooch and necklace, especially the necklace!

    Happy Valentine's Day!
  8. oh...i love them all, especially the heart necklace, so elegant.....:drool: Congrats!
  9. I loveee your presents!!! now, if only my bf could take some lessons from your hubby, then I'd be set for Vday as well!

    Happy Vday!
  10. Awww, how sweet of him... Love them all. Congrats and Happy Valentine's Day!
  11. Ooh can we see a pic of the necklace on you? It's beautiful!
  12. aww what a sweet heart,they are gorgeous, jus in time to wear them for Vday.
  13. Loves!!!!! what a well-trained guy!!good for you!so lucky!
  14. i agree with nerdphanie, you must post a pic of the necklace on u!!
  15. wow its beautiful! :love::love: