My Early PCE Haul - didn't have to pre-order!

  1. So this afternoon, I decide to go into my favorite boutique to hug the large black leather Carly that I covet and chat with my favorite SA.

    As I was fondling the Carly, I told him that I was still holding out hope for a PCE card in the mail and he said, "Oh, you didn't get yours yet? Well, I think I have a little gift for you."

    Guess what he came back with?? Yep, a PCE card!!! So I start picking out some little things because I couldn't leave the store empty handed and knew I'd be coming back on Saturday, card in hand.

    As I was standing at the counter, he came up to me and asked if someone was retrieving my Carly for me. I said no because I thought I had to wait until Saturday to use my card. He said, "Oh no, for you, you can use it today."

    That's all it took. I just got back and everything that didn't have to be ordered is still neatly packaged in the Coach shopping bag.

    Here's my haul:
    This came home with me.

    Wanted the large Carly in Camel too. It had to be ordered and should arrive next week.

    This had to be ordered too, of course.

    This came home with me.

    And this came home with me.

    I am such a happy, happy woman. I told them that they certainly made my day then I said because of that I wanted skip out of the store. They made me promise to skip and I did just that!

    And what's better. I didn't have to use the PCE card he gave me. I can go back after I check my bank account and use it on something else.

  2. Wow that's great!

    What were the indvidiual prices of the scarf and keyfobs/charms?

    I'm hoping to get a scarf or so and wanted to know how cheap they would be.

  3. Congrats - you got great bags! Did they say the Legacy scarf was available? I tried to pre-order it yesterday and the SA said it wasn't showing up at all.
  4. Yipee OneShinyface. I thought I was the only one. I just happened to wander into another botique, and we were just chatting and I was talking about my fav SA's and they were like, well shop with us today. This was my haul. Tomorrow, I will go to my special store and get the ergo tote. I might also get the ponytail scarf. That was going pretty fast.
    26e1_12.jpeg 40754_BDEWT_d2.jpeg 98088_MTI_d2.jpeg
  5. aw congrats to everyone.

    im still holding holding out hope for my legacy ponytail scarf soon!!
    (i hope it goes back onto the site before they sell out)
  6. Depth I just tried and both scarves are available.
  7. yay!!!:yahoo:

    did you go into the store or call CS?
  8. ooh congrats! I think that legacy scarf may have to be my next purchase...
  9. The Watermelon Charm is $38.
    The "T" Charm is $28.
    The ponytail scarf is $38.
  10. I got mine from the store. But right before I responded to you I went to the website.
  11. thanks alot skegee!!
  12. Congrats. I love everything. Enjoy. :smile:
  13. Nice! I want the watermelon charm.
  14. Thanks was that with the 25% off?
  15. Great purchases!!