My Early Birthday Presents

  1. hi, well first of all i just wanted to say that i tought i was obsesed untill i joined this forum yesterday btw this im my first post!
    and i wanted to share with you guys my new messenger bag and my blue groom colection i got myself for my b-day well my b-day is not till nov 25 but i couldn't help it i just fell in love when i saw the blue groom wallet on the vuitton website and like most people who own a new agenda i haven't used it yet since the refills are for 07 i just cant wait to use the vuitton out of it:nuts: !
    so here it is my latest ensamble, sorry for the poor pic quality my room is just too bright i just took the pictures hope you like!:rolleyes:

    ps. my next vuitton purchase will be next month!
    sable damier geant Mage its on its way.

    IMAGE_00377.jpg IMAGE_00380.jpg IMAGE_00381.jpg IMAGE_00382.jpg IMAGE_00385.jpg
  2. congrats, and early happy birthday to you!
  3. hello~

    welcome to the forum and happy birthday :smile:
  4. lovely items ... happy bday dear =)
  5. happy birthday and welcome!:yes:
  6. Gorgeous gifts! Welcome!
  7. WELCOME :flowers: and congrats to your collection
  8. awwz thanx for the comments you guys make me feel welcome, ill post new high quality pics soon...

  9. nice purchases! i especially like the groom accessories... the blue is just beautiful!

    and welcome to the forum. =)
  10. Happy Birthday and Welcome to the Purse Forum.. I love your gifts to yourself.. The blue is really nice!
  11. Happy B-day, Welcome, and the blue groom is so...cute!! I love it!!
  12. Happy Birthday!Goodlooking bunch of b-day gifts you chose for yourself,enjoy.;)
  13. so pretty! i just got an agenda too and i can't wait to use it! happy early birthday!
  14. Aww.. congrats, what a lovely set ! :yes:
  15. Welcome and Happy Birthday!:flowers:
    Love how your LV purchases look together!:love:
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