My early Birthday HONEY!!

  1. It's my birthday next week, but I received my present from my parents early....a HONEY SPY!! She is gorgeous and the colour is much richer IRL!! A really yummy toffee brown..more tan than honey delicious!!!:drool:
    HoneySpy1.jpg HoneySpy2.jpg
  2. Congrats and Happy (early) B-day! Honey is such a great color. Gorgeous:drool:
  3. Wow! Gorgeous! That color is sensational. Happy early B-day :yes:
  4. Congratulations happy birthday.
  5. wow!!! That is beautiful!! I saw this bag last week at Fendi boutique and I couldn't get enough looking at her!
    Congrats and enjoy! You are a lucky girl! And Happy Birthday! Yay!
  6. I want one so bad, but it is sooo expensive. It would be by far my most expensive purse.
  7. OMG that is just such a lovely bag, so pleased for you:yahoo: you must let us all know what date your birthday is so we can do a birthday celebration on here for you.

    Congrats on a beautiful bag
  8. :love: lovely bag and happy early b'day to you!!
  9. gorgeous bag! I saw the tan IRL and I think honey is a better color:p

    Congrats and happy birthday! :wlae:
  10. Aw Tash - how fantastic!

    It's gorgeous. Well done. Happy Birthday and what great parents.

    You need to update your collection piccies now!
  11. WOW. Love the color, it's TDF! Congrats and Happy Birthday! : )
  12. This is one of my fave colours for a spy bag. It's just lovely.
  13. Congratulation!!! The bag is so gorgeous... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  14. Happy Birthday!!! :party:

    Your parents know how to shop!!! ;) Will they adopt me? :tender:
  15. Thanks everyone for your very sweet comments! You are all so LOVELY!!:love: I do have lovely parents, who certainly know I like my handbags!! Although, they don't always appreciate my expensive taste!!

    My birthday isn't until the 17th Jan, so I'll look forward to celebrating on here with you all!!:yahoo: