My early birthday gift....

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  1. My early birthday gift from hubby.. :smile: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397389538.311967.jpg
  2. Open!
  3. The small one :
  4. Love the keychain, so pretty!
  5. The big one :

    Here is the story behind.. I admire petit noe since 20 years ago ! My mom and my sis own this bag.. I promise my self, one day i have to own that bag too.. I know people make comment of how difficult this bag to open and close, but i always want this bag for soooo long. That is the reason why i never buy, but i also never remove from my wishlist.
    Last week hubby ask me what i want for my birthday next month, and i quickly give him my list. Then he choose petit noe. He knows how i want this bag but never bought it. I am very happy now. Finally i have my dream bag. Thanks to my dear hubby ! :smile:
  6. Here is my petit noe with charm..
    I love her so much..
    Here is my petit noe with my mom petit noe, she is 20 years old !
  7. beautiful LV's - congrats!!

  8. Thank you.. :smile:
  9. Beautiful gifts, Happy Birthday! I can understand your joy and love for this bag, after waiting so long! Have lots of fun using your great Petit Noé with the sweet charm!
  10. Happy Birthday! Congrats and enjoy your beautiful Petit Noe! Love your charm too :tender:
  11. Congrats and you took a great 2 generation LV family portrait!
  12. Thank you everyone.. I am very happy.. And i love petit noe ! :smile:
  13. Congrats!!
  14. Happy birthday! I love this story...congrats!

    My mono petit Noe is 25 years old and I think this style is classic and so versatile!
  15. Wow. She's beautiful! Great story. Congrats and HBD!!