My EARLY birthday gift to myself---first ROLEX (and shoes)!!!

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  1. I started my first REAL job in late February this year, and finally saved up enough money and brought myself a ROLEX to celebrate my bday...Oyster Datejust 31mm black dial with diamond markers:heart:!

    I've never owned a rolex before and i never really had any interest in them until i recently started looking up on them and saw the beautiful pictures posted here by my lovely TPF gals~ :love: Anyway, now I'm in love...Its truly a nicely finished watch, a modern rending of a classic design. Love its rich heritage, engineering stability and innovative early history!!

    P.S. Mum's here visiting us this month, so she brought me a pair of GUCCI nude wedges as bday gift~

    Hope you enjoy the pictures:P

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  2. BEAUTIFUL, both of them..! Happy Birthday, and congrats on your new beauties! And don't forget to give your mom an extra hug!
  3. The watch is beautiful! I am jealous! I had tried the exact one on *BIG sigh* and I love how the black dial makes the diamond markers "POP" out more. Happy Birthday!
  4. Congratulations and Happy Early Birthday! :biggrin: The watch looks great on your wrist!!
  5. I love them. Congrats!!
  6. Love both!
  7. Such a stunning watch and I love the wedges! Happy Early Birthday to you, girl! :biggrin:
  8. :tup::tup:
  9. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!
  10. Love your Rolex!! Congratulations!
  11. Congrats and happy b-day! I also love the contrast of the diamonds on the black face. What other watches are in your collection? I vaguely remember you having a Cartier roadster, tank, or both. Do you have a J12 too?
  12. Happy Birthday and congrats on two wonderful the watch, have a very similar one to yours and just adore it. Wedges are super cute!!
  13. bb10lue - just found an old thread of yours from 2007! You bought a white 38mm J12 with diamonds. But I'm almost certain you have a roadster and tank too! Which do you wear the most?
  14. Happy Birthday!
    Lovely items!
  15. Stunning...congrats!