My early bday gift to myself! Starts with a J!

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  1. LOL. I wear my white 38 J12 SO MUCH that I thought a second J12 in black would be a good idea! I hardly wear any of my other watches these days! Say hello to my 33mm black J12 with diamond markers! Its nice to have both sizes. Its such a big difference in size. I have pics of both of them together. Its so hard to get nice pictures, but here's the best I can do!:yahoo:



    Its such a completely different watch from white (white will always be my favorite) but this is lovely too!
  2. Very nice. Happy Birthday to yourself.:P
  3. Thanks Mon, funny, I always seem to know exactly what I want! lol.
  4. Oh Lucci, what a gorgeous new addition. You were so right to get the smaller one in the black as it really does change the look of the watch.
    I am with you, think white will always be my fave in the J12 but my goodness, your new one is stunning.

    Its great to have a comparison piccie too :smile:
  5. What a brilliant b'day gift for yourself - congrats :tup::tup:
  6. I love buying myself b-day gifts! Love's gorgeous! happy birthday!
  7. Happy Early Birthday!! looove j12.. i have a plain white one & the black w/diamond markers is always tempting me.... congrats!
  8. Congrats on your latest watch! happy bday!
  9. Both of your watches are so GORGEOUS!

  10. Happy birthday :smile: J12 is a splendid watch, congrats :smile:
  11. Happy Birthday :wlae: & gorgeous watch! :tup:
  12. Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your gorgeous J12.
  13. L- Happy Birthday!!!! Congrats on your new J12...gorgeous!!!!
  14. I do the b-day for myself too. It's always the perfect gift. lol. Love your new watch.:heart: Gorgeous!!! Oh & Happy B-Day:smile:
  15. Gorgeous! Happy Birthday!