My early 40th b'day tier gifts from darling hubby!!!

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  1. Hi guys,

    Just want to share my b'day gifts that hubby presented me with last night. My b'day is not till 22 September next Wednesday but because we will be flying to London on Saturday and spending 3 beautiful weeks in Europe, hubby decided to spoil me with the gifts before our trip...

    Here are the 4 tier gifts he presented me with! It was definitely a shock more than a surprise to recieve them. He said each box represents a decade of my birthday, this was definitely a surprise of a life time for me... Normally hubby is not very romantic in any way at all but I was more than happy and impressed with his effort this time!

    So here it is guys, my beautiful 4 tier gifts... :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

  2. WOW!! What a sweet Husband! :biggrin:
  3. Let's see what is inside!
  4. Ok, let's start from the top and make our way down to the bottom...

    First gift... Black Camellia Ring! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

  5. great DH! Happy pre Birthday! lets see!
  6. So sweet! :love:

    Can't wait to see what all's in those boxes!
  7. wow, 4 tiers!
  8. Second gift... This would have to be la piece de resistance of all the four gifts but I am opening them in the order of size...

    So here it is... Black J12 33mm with diamond markers, this was truely the biggest, most unexpected gift of them all! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

  9. :shocked::nuts::faint:
  10. Lily, your HB is truly amazing and romantic! :tender:
    Happy birthday to you and hope you have a wonderful trip in europe :biggrin:
  11. Third gift... This is the matching pair to my fourth gift.

    I don't know the name of this style... Black Chain heels! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:


  12. Thanks Jessie, really looking forward to the trip. DH is not normally a romantic at all but I guess after giving him enough hints he got the message finally... I guess you've seen them all on facebook last night already! hahaha... lol
  13. OOOOOOo, you lucky lady !!! gorgeous additions!!
  14. happy birthday in advance! your dh is so sweet and have fun in your europe trip! enjoy all your lovely gifts!:biggrin:
  15. Ok then.... And for the final fourth gift!

    This bag has been on my wish list and it's been a dream bag of mine for the last year, and thanks to my wonderful hubby it is now mine...

    Here it is guys, my dream bag... Black Large Ultimate Soft!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: