My e-mail to Customer Service

Mar 3, 2008
Here is the feedback I left for about my today's boutique trip:

"For the past week, I have been calling JAX to find out the availability of colors in the Bridgit (11622). I have been told by numerous JAX employees, camel is still available, 39 bags -- to be exact. I went to my boutique this afternoon to order the bag with my PCE discount and was told the bag in camel was not available. I had called JAX two separate times this morning, checking on the status of the color: again, 39 bags -- to be exact. I explained all of this to the SA and she told me the bag's inventory might be so low it doesn't show up on the boutique's computer. How can that be: 39 bags don't just disappear! And why isn't the information in the boutiques' computer and JAX's the same? This is VERY misleading and disappointing! I traveled to my nearest boutique (over an hour away) just to order this bag, with my PCE, to be told this. This is exactly why I called JAX first: I didn't want to make a wasted trip. Which I did anyway! I asked the SA to call JAX and check on inventory and I was told they had to place orders through their boutiques' computer! I suggested they get the bag as a transfer from another boutique. Again, I was told all the inventory would show up on their computer, if it was available. Again, what happened to the 39 bags that were just there a few hours ago and had been there all week??? I am VERY irritated with my latest experience with Coach!"
Mar 3, 2008
I know I'm being a bit of a b----, but I'm just tired of Coach jerking us all around. We pay way too much for that kind of service! (I should have added that too -- after thought!)


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Apr 3, 2007
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I'm really sorry to hear that this happened to you. If it's still available in JAX and not on the exclusion list then there is no reason they shouldn't have gone the extra mile and call Jax themselves. I hope Coach customer service does something about this.

If anything, I'd call the boutique again and ask to speak with a manager and explain your situation, how you called Jax yourself, and how far you had to drive to make it to the boutique. Even though PCE is now officially over, they should make an exception for you and order the bag. There have definitely been late PCE moments in the past that were allowed.


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Jun 21, 2007
The only other thing I can think is that Camel has been removed from the Boutiques's ordering system, because it's an older color (?). So it might not be the 'little white lie' I suggested in your other thread, or COACH jerking anyone around as you might think.

I've been told on previous calls/inquiries that the JAX inventory is not completely available to the stores, and I've personally found this to be true. JAX can bring up older style numbers, but the retail stores cannot after a certain period of time. So unfortunately your attempt to order Camel might be caught in the middle. However, I hope that your inquiry to JAX will allow you to get the bag/color you desire.

After you verify the quantity with JAX, you should also speak to the manager in your boutique and ask them to allow you to purchase Camel, on PCE. Since it sounds like this color is still available in JAX, the boutique might have to send your order via Fax to JAX (that rhymes!) since the color is not coming up in the boutique's system.

I can certainly understand your frustration with this issue, but stick with it! We shouldn't have to instruct COACH personnel how to get something done, but sometimes they need a nudge in the right direction.

Good Luck!!!:tup:


Jun 8, 2008
What happens when you complain to customer service as Coach through the website? Do they generally send a coupon or just take the complaint and issue an apologize.?


Sep 15, 2007
I suspect that the reason for the quick removal is these final bags are in the process of being sent to the outlets. This usually happens once the items are pulled off the website, and once the boutiques are told to transfer stock, they can't ship their stock either. Diff. boutiques are told to transfer at different times. Sometimes the discontinued stock from SOME boutiques is transferred to the outlet even before it's technically gone from JAX or off the website, so who knows. I'm actually not surprised that it became unavailable. Perhaps JAX is in the process of shipping out. Either that, or there were just more PCE orders than we realized because at least one day JAX was closed due to the hurricane, so things got behind a bit and needed a day or two to catch up. There could be multiple reasons. I bet, though, that JAX pulled them to ship out!

Also something to keep in mind is that not all databases seem to update at the same time. Mary G was kind enough to let me know when her SA called about the bottle green Bridgit being in stock, but when I called my SA, she still showed 0 on their inventory and could not order it because there was a lag in the update to this region's system. It took 24 hours for my SA to see that JAX did have stock for the Bridgit. So there are all sorts of little glitches with the updates too at times, unfortunately!

Honestly, I would get my name on the list for the outlet. They will call you when the item shows up there, assuming you are first in the queue. YOu can ask them how many people are in line ahead of you when you give them your info.


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Oct 4, 2006
I bought a bag that was down to 2 in stock (a while ago). They had to fill out a special hand written form and fax it to Jacksonville>