My e-letter to Louis Vuitton about the Jasmin drama

  1. The drama is nearly over: ELux says my Mandarin Jasmin has shipped and I have a FedEx tracking number. Yay! I also called Jaleh at the REAL Chevy Chase LV to let her know and to thank her again for all her help. I also told her I was going to write LV to let them know how great she is and what a great manager they have in her.

    Here's what I sent them via the "Contact Us" e-letter feature on

    I am writing you to let you know about the wonderful service that was provided to me recently by Jaleh Naz Behzadi, the Leather Goods manager of your Chevy Chase Louis Vuitton store (the free-standing store which opened last fall).

    She is efficient, professional and has gone well out of her way to try to fix a bad situation that was none of her fault to begin with.

    Last week I had contacted the 866 VUITTON number about how to return my recently purchased Mandarin Epi Speedy 25, since it had developed a terrible smell. The associate on the phone said that I could return the bag to any store for a full refund. So since I had already planned a trip to the Chevy Chase area on Saturday, my goal was to return the defective bag and purchase a different one to replace it. So I called back the 866 VUITTON number to be connected to the free-standing Chevy Chase LV store. However, for some unknown reason, the 866 operator connected me to the Saks Chevy Chase LV counter, so the hold was placed by me with them instead of the free-standing store. At no time during this conversation did the person on the phone acknowledge that they were at Saks and not the free-standing store.

    When I arrived at Jaleh's store on Saturday with my defective bag to exchange, she was gracious, helpful and always trying to make things right for me. She was the one who discovered that the bag I had been led to believe was on hold with her store was actually on hold at Saks. She offered to call Saks to let them know I was on my way with a defective bag to exchange and to pick up the bag on hold. And when Saks refused to give the bag to me and claimed it was on hold for someone else who they would not name, she made several phone calls to try to find out just what was going on.

    The Mandarin Jasmin bag had actually been at her store, and was requested for transfer to the Saks only moments after I had asked them (not knowing they were the Saks counter) to hold it for me.

    When it became clear that the Saks counter was stonewalling her and would not release the held bag to either of us, she gave me a full refund on my defective bag. She also promised to try to find me another Mandarin Jasmin bag somewhere else in the country; this particular one was the last one in the entire DC/MD/VA area (which adds more suspicion to the motives of the Saks counter's bizarre behavior).

    Throughout the entire drama, Jaleh was the perfect model of a LV representative. She did everything she could to help me out, and I appreciate all her help.

    I was able to find one last Mandarin Jasmin on the ELuxury site, so all's well that ends well, at least in this instance. But I wanted you to know how great Jaleh is, and how awful the Saks Chevy Chase LV counter was. It was wrong of them to pretend to be the free-standing store, pretend to put a bag on hold that they didn't have, and then refuse to give it to me when I showed up to claim it. It's obvious that they don't need to continue to exist in Chevy Chase, now that you have such a great new free-standing store, and such a wonderful Leather Goods manager in Jaleh Naz Behzadi.

    Thanks for listening,

    Michele Harvey
    Centreville, VA
  2. Awesome letter! I am so glad that things worked out for you! Please post pics of your lovely bag when it arrives. I can't wait to see it!
  3. Great letter! I think these days nobody remembers to say thanks when someone does a GOOD job. Loved it.
  4. That was a great letter! Can't wait to see your bag!!
  5. Great letter! I like how you were able to alert LV to your bad experience with saks but kept a positive focus by describing Jaleh's great customer service. Does that make sense?? It's nice to take the time and credit a good SA.
  6. Thanks everyone, and thanks PGN for noticing that's what I was trying to do (emphasize the good but not ignore the bad). And really, my bad experience aside, does it really make sense for them to keep that Saks counter so close to the new store? You gotta wonder how much longer they'll be there. It's not like Tysons, where you have to haul around in a car between the NM counter and the free-standing store in Fairfax Square. Plus the NM counter is really more of a boutique now since they did all that remodeling. The Saks counter, OTOH, is barely even a counter. (Not that I'm bitter. Much. LOL)

  7. I love your last line!!
  8. Great letter. Can't wait til your jasmin arrives.
  9. Great letter - make sure to follow up on it and ensure that someone important has received it.
  10. You did the right thing Michele. That was a great letter, and I'm sure Jaleh is happy that she helped you the best she can. I'm glad that you got a happy ending!
  11. Good for you Michele, I am sure Jaleh appreciates it.
    Not many people writting a letter to give a complement more likely a letter to complain.

    Bravo !!
  12. Props for Jaleh- she sounds wonderful! Sorry about your experience though.
  13. I just got an email back from Louis Vuitton:

    Thank you for your wonderful compliments about Louis Vuitton. We
    sincerely appreciate your effort to share such kind words about our
    company. Your comments will be forwarded to the appropriate management.

    So I hope this means something good will happen for Jaleh. She's awesome.
  14. That was a pretty quick response by LV. I hope Jaleh gets a promotion or a raise. She seems very nice!
  15. Eloquent and to the point....loved the letter! Jaleh is lucky to have someone who really appreciates her kindness and thanks her so graciously. A Congrats is finally in order! Cheers to you and your beautiful odorless mandarin Jasmine! :flowers: