My Dylan Croco Double Zippy in Viola!


Dec 10, 2008
Hey everyone! I got my 2nd LP a couple of weeks ago: the Dylan Croco Double Zippy in Viola!

I got it from Gomatta Girls when it was $173 and I could not be more pleased!

I didn't know it had 3 zipper compartments, but I'm so glad it does! The bag holds quite a bit, and I've stuffed a book in the back compartment and never even noticed in terms of how full it felt.

The leather did smell a little funny when I first got it out of the box and then the Wilsons TLC didn't help either, but it smells fine now. I think it was probably the smell of the dye; at least that's what I'm guessing.

In terms of the leather: it's AMAZING! It's getting more smooshy and slouchy the more I wear it, but it is super soft and not stiff or structured at all. I had bags that feel stiff or like they're held together by cardboard, but this bag could not be further from that!

I also have the white Dylan Patchwork Speedy and the leather on that one is softer, but I'm thinking that the Croco leather just has to be slightly thicker and more sturdy to support the embossing.

The little outside pocket on the front is perfect for holding my phone and business cards. The middle compartment does have a pouch and phone holder, as well as a zippered compartment.

All in all, I'm VERY impressed by the bag! I didn't even think of how practical it would be; I just loved the way it looked and HAD TO HAVE IT!

But it seriously is probably one of the most practical bags I have ever owned. It has more than enough room to through a book and other small items inside, but not feel too heavy or huge. It's gorgeous enough to wear to a nice dinner out, but I can also wear it with jeans a sweater and it just pulls my outfit together.

I did get a purse hook so I wouldn't dirty it up.

Now that all is said and are pics!

I do want to mention that the flash on my camera makes the zippers look A LOT more blue and pronounced than they are in real life. They blend in perfectly IRL. Also, excuse the pj's :P


Jan 24, 2009
Oh my gosh! According to FedEx mine arrived today and seeing your pictures makes me want to cut out of work early to get home and open it up!


Jul 19, 2008
Great photos! Although I did have to laugh because I'm not sure that this is the bag for "pulling together" jammies!


Dec 16, 2008
United States of America
Thanks so much for sharing the pics! I have one on the way and am now more excited for it to arrive!!! Glad to see the shoulder shot and how well it fits! Enjoy your great new bag!!