My dyed handbag looks too shiny

  1. How can I make it less shiny? Please help.
  2. can you post pics???
  3. did you dye it? Try rubbing it. haha =P
  4. I broke my camera just last Christimas get together. I can take picture from cell phone but I dont know how to take it out the cell. I'm told the shining will go away with time. Just dont know how long.
  5. When having your bag dyed (at least for future info) you can ask for a shiny, mat or semi-mat finish. If you dont state anything they will hand it to you shiny as that is the most popular choice and it lookes the cleanest and most 'done -up'. If you like, go back to the people to dyed it and ask if they can give it a mat finish.

    Hope this helps!
  6. Can I ask where you got it dyed... and how much they charged? I'm in the market to do the same. Please PM me if you want :smile:
  7. I have it done at Albuquerque shoe And Boot repair. They did wonderful job at reasonable price. I didn't know I can choose finish look. Oh well, next time.
  8. I wonder if the shiny-ness factor decreases with wear?

    I didn't know about choice of finishes (or even about dyeing bags) until this thread! Good to know!
  9. Thanks for the info. :smile:

    It might get less shiny the more you use it. Good luck!
  10. What bag is it?
  11. It's no name bag. I got it from estate sale. Original lining was replaced. Look cute but color is ugly.