my dustbag can't fit my speedy!!

  1. so i bought a damier speedy 30 back then when they provide me with its dustbag, but the bag was folded when i bought it(like normal speedy) and to keep it to its shape, i always stuffed my speedy with newspaper wrap in plastic package...and then i encounter this problem.. to keep it back into the dustbag coz it couldn't fit...i tried to ignore this... untill today when i cleaned up my wardrobe, so i was thinking to share with u you all happened to have the same problem? do the dustbag they provided to ur speedy fit ur speedy when it's not folded? what should i do? thanks:heart:
  2. Me tooooooo. I bought a bag from a reseller... got it in the mail folded.. but when I put stuff int he bag...won't fit anymore... I'm thinking of buying a dustbag on eBay..but too pricey:lecture:
  3. you can use any cotton pillow case as dust bag :yes:
  4. thanks guys...but it's the original speedy dustbag that can't fit their own speedy when it's unfolded right?
  5. ^^ that too is a good idea. I had my mom saw me a bigger dustbag for my Keepal because it didn't come in with dustbag at the time when I bought it.
  6. when i got my speedy, it came to me folded. If you feel comfortable enough to ask SA for larger drawstring dust bag at time of purchase, then you can store the Speedy stuffed :yes:
  7. Stuff it in a clean cotton pillow case. With the damier speedy there isnt any nake leather so the sleeping bag/dust cover isnt that big of a deal.
  8. that happened to me with my 30 too. idk why they do that...if its empty it kinda...almost fits in there...but i have to squish it a bit.
  9. My SA gave me a drawstring dust bag when I bought my mini lin speedy, so I don't have this problem. Perhaps you can ask your SA for a drawstring one.
  10. definately ask your SA. i dont have a problem with my 25s but I am sure if i had a bigger speedy it would be an issue
  11. hmmm my damier speedy 30 came with a larger drawstring one from elux
  12. hmm elux wouldn't let the bag in a folded condition right? :crybaby:oh well it wouldnt be possible if i come to the boutique and ask for one now..i guess i must use a pillow case for my damier...sob sob
  13. I would either buy one from eBay or use a pillow case... I always ask them to stuff my bag at the store and then they usually give me a larger dust bag.
  14. Same, mine came folded so now my speedy is stuffed it cannot fit into the dustbag.
  15. Mine is the flap one for my 30 and it doesn't fit my speedy when its not folded... I really wish they would of given me the drawstring one...

    Would an SA give me a drawstring if I asked? Cause I don't know if they'd give me one if I already bought my 30?