my Duomo scout mission

  1. On Saturday my fiance and I just somehow happened to be at the same mall where the LV store is (*innocent look* :angel:) and decided to pop in and have a look at the Duomo I've been coveting. After my disappointment with the Ellipse, I wanted to be sure all my stuff would fit inside it, because otherwise there's no point in lusting after it.

    When the SA brought it out, even my fiance agreed that it's a lovely bag - he thinks Damier is classier than Mono. After asking the SA whether it was OK, I started transferring stuff from my BH into the Duomo, to see how much of it would fit. Amazingly...ALL of it fits! Even the pochette I use as a divider! I probably couldn't throw in a water bottle on top of everything like I can with the BH or the Speedy, but it definitely held all the necessities and then some. I brought it over to the mirror, and the proportion is right for me...I felt very Grace-Kelly carrying it. I love her little golden feet and smooth hardware. :girlsigh:

    I couldn't bring Signorina Duomo home with me, unfortunately, but now at least I know she's the one I want. I just have to figure out how to make it happen! I thought about setting up Marketplaza classifieds for some of my Coach stuff, but unfortunately it's closed, so I ended up doing them on eBay. Baby steps...

    Edit: I should mention that I also fell in love with the small Vernis Framboise items...luscious color! Does it ever end?
  2. wonderful choice! you will have to make some sacrifices that means letting some of your older babies go but the reward will be worth it!
  3. I :heart: the duomo and was seriously looking at it when I got my damier speedy 30:love:
  4. Oh honey---i understand your pain.

    I wanted the Duomo so bad when I forst saw it and was on a mission to get it.
    Then I got discouraged by the high price and gave up.

    Then i saw it here on the forum again and my dreams started all over. :upsidedown: And I bought it. :shame:

    But the good thing is you have plenty of time. Plenty. its a part of the regular collection. It'll be around. ;)

    Be patient and the time will come. And when you finally get it. You will love it even more because of your long wait.

    I should have waited to buy mine too because I would be closer to the amount that I'm trying to save for the down payment for my new car. LOL

    Funny how I always find money to buy bags but I'm taking my sweet little time saving for a new car. :roflmfao:
  5. Hey, a girl's gotta have her priorities, right?

    I do the same thing - there are some other things I'm saving for, like some home improvements...but somehow the Duomo has become first priority. Funny how that works, isn't it?