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  1. These are so good freshly made. Took me a couple years to figure out how I like it, but it sure tastes
    better than any dumpling we've had at a restaurant, or those frozen.

    Yaay, more fun food!
    I wrapped these at 4 AM before I dropped off my son at school and off to work.
    Made them for breakfast and for my DH to bring to work. :sweatdrop::sweatdrop:

    You can eat these alone with dumpling sauce or with any type noodle wether it be
    soup or dry stir fried noodles..Japanese udon or soba to chinese egg noodle or Vietnamese rice noodles= it's great!
    My DH and son get lazy when I'm not home and heat up instant bowl noodles with these.

    Ingredients I used but totally easily subsituted can be found at any asian market, or ethnic food isle. The wraps and dumpling sauce are only $0.99!!
    -ground chicken
    -ground shrimp
    -ginger (a good amount), carrots, preserved cabbage (pickled), white onion
    -2 small chicken bouillon cubes
    -salt, pepper
    Food process to a smooth texture the veggies, and shrimp then add to chicken, it's important that
    you mix with a stick or the end of a fork ONLY in a counterclockwise circular motion adding some starch and water.
    This will give it its distinct texture.
    Wrapping takes some getting used to, but any style wrap works just as good.
    To cook: When water is roll boiling, add 5 dumplings and one cup cold water. When it reaches a
    second boil they are cooked thoroughly.
    I made them with bean thread noodle and cabbage with some dumpling sauce for dipping.
    Sorry no time for a thorough pic-I had to eat n go.

    I'm at work posting this, heheh. Uh oh, better go, my snitchy co-worker is eyeing me!!
  2. I love your food threads! :flowers:
  3. I love your recipe threads! It all comes out so delish (the crab ones are already a dh favorite).

    Wish I lived nearby...
  4. Hey, they look great! I should try your recipe, although my mother would be appalled if I didn't make my own my dumpling wraps, so I just don't tell her :nogood:
  5. Wow, they look so delicious...:drool: Dumplings are my favorite, but I always buy those ready made ones from the chinese supermarket.:shame:
  6. ah! please continue to keep sharing!

    i liveon my own & crave for food like this!
  7. omg YUMMMMMMMMMMM. can you come over and cook for me?! i'll pay ya!!
  8. These look yummy ! Your wrapping looks so pro too !
  9. :yahoo:.. I'm making these tomorrow night.. they look soooo yummy!:biggrin:

  10. I so needed another simpleplan food thread! Thanks so much. Love them all and I know how much work it is to post the pics. I really appreciate it.

    Do you have any soup recipes?
  11. yummy!
  12. :drool: Those look so good! My mom makes awesome ones too - I need to learn how to make the right filling!
  13. looks so yummy! thanks for another great post. love potstickers!
  14. Yum! These look awesome. I'll have to try it out.
  15. Thanks! I am gonna try these out... YUM.