My dumb mistake on ebay

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  1. I was in a hurry and bid on an auction for a bag. I won it and was excited but then something didn't sound right to me so I asked for authentication here. Of course, it turns out that it's fake. So I emailed the seller and told her how disappointed I was as I received confirmation that her bag was fake. Her response is:

    The bag was a gift given to me and as I am not an expert on how to Authenticate bags I do not know and therefore never posted anywhere on the listing page that it was authentic. The clear photos are there for you to decide for yourself. Everything on the listing page is an accurate description of the bag. The listing was for 10 days and during this time you had plenty of time to seek professional opinion.

    Why has this person who told you that it is not authentic wait until the auction ended to tell you? This does not seem very sincere of them, and can you really trust their judgement?

    So what do you want to do now? Are you going to pay for it?

    So what DO I do? I don't want to pay but I think I am under obligation to, right ($400)? She is correct that nothing in her auction says that it's real. Ugh, I feel like such a dork.
  2. Sorry this happened to you.
    Pls inform her that it is illegal to sell fake bags. I'm pretty sure it does not matter whether or not the auction states that is "authentic". What is wrong, is wrong.

    I'm sure some of the more experienced ladies will chime in and give you better advice, but I would not pay for it. I'd rather swallow a strike, then go through the headache of receiving, filing a SNAD case & returning.

    I hope it works out for you!:smile:
  3. There have been several threads recently about similar situations. The group tends to split into two opinions:

    1) You bid on it, so you pay for it. You can file a PayPal claim when it arrives that it's not authentic. You might be asked to authenticate it, which costs $. Best case scenario, you win and have to pay to ship it back.

    2) You haven't paid, so don't. The seller might file a "non-paying bidder" report, which could give you an unpaid item strike. Take the strike and save yourself the $ of a fake bag hassle.

    Personally, I fall into camp #2. Why would you pay for a bag known to be fake? It's the seller's fault too. Take the strike, learn your lesson, and then don't ever bid on an unknown bag again. :amuse:

    However, with this particular case, there's an interesting factor. It's against Ebay policy to list a non-authentic item under the name it's supposed to be (i.e. calling it a Coach bag if it's not a Coach bag.) They don't HAVE to say it's authentic- calling it by its brand name is enough. What I'd do if I were you is call Ebay ASAP and tell someone on the phone that you bid on a bag, but need to report the listing because it's a fake bag, and you don't want to go through with the transaction. If you're lucky, they might remove the listing for being a violation of Ebay policies and you'll be off the hook. Good luck!
  4. Agree with the rest of the posts, don't pay for it. If she files a strikes against you, contact ebay and tell them your concerns about the authenticity of the item. Your contract to purchase the item should no longer be valid because it's against the rules to sell fakes on ebay. Even if the seller didn't know it was fake, you have now informed her. If ebay won't do anything about it, take the NPB strike. It's a lot less hassle than going through with the transaction.
  5. Don't pay for it! I'd take a NPB strike anyday over a fake bag!
  6. Thanks all! I appreciate the words of wisdom! This is one mistake I won't be making again! :P
  7. I would not pay for it and contact ebay so she can get her account restricted
    depending on the brand (like Chanel) they actually ask you if you know that the item is real and that you can't post fake items on ebay before you confirm you listing
  8. no, don't pay. let her know that it is illegal to sell fake bags, whether she states they are fake or not.
    and that you won't be going through with the transaction.
    report the auction to ebay.
  9. Also, don't forget to post the item in the "fakes" thread to get it removed. If it's removed, you might not have to pay or deal with a NPB strike at all.
  10. I don't get why anyone would advocate to pay for it. Does it help anyone? Maybe Carol Diva whom you pay for an authentication. In the end the seller gets her bag back, most likely, is out of shipping fees, and so are you. Oh, and ebay and paypal probably make some money out of this, too.
  11. aww sorry this happened to you OP :flowers:
    but it is illegal to sell fakes on ebay any ways.
    just take the strike
  12. Nope, don't pay for it. Is avoiding a NPB strike worth $400? I don't think so!
  13. I'm sorry you are going through this. You are doing the right thing, by coming to this great forum for advice and do not pay for the handbag. You should contact ebay customer support and have them read the messages between you and the seller. It sounds like the seller is lying and knows darn well that the bag is a fake. I hear this story all the time on ebay. She should not have listed the handbag in the first place if she could not guarantee that it's authentic. I had this happen to me when I was brand new on ebay and just told the seller that I will not be paying for a fake handbag and that I will be reporting her to ebay. She ended up sending me a mutual cancellation, so I did not have to go through the sale. Good luck.
  14. I really appreciate your help and support, all. I contacted ebay and was told to report the auction and that they would then look into it. The rep did let me know that while the seller can report me for NPB, she can't leave negative feedback. So I replied back to her and told her that I wouldn't be paying for her counterfeit bag, that yes she did know it was counterfeit and then quoted ebay's counterfeit policy as found here:

    Really, I can't tell you guys how relieved I am. Thanks again so much. I heart this forum. :biggrin:
  15. I fall into camp #2...the resolution process is a hassle. You have to wait a couple weeks from start to end and then you pay to ship it back. Why go through all of that if you know it's fake? Take the strike, and ALWAYS ******************.

    Perhaps post the auction in the report it section so a bunch of us can report it. Maybe it will get removed that way and you wont get a strike?