MY DU DU DU DUFFFEL BAG!!! YEEEY!!! today...29 march 2008

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  1. YEEEY!!! LOL

    i picked up my ordered duffel bag today!!!

    lol pictures

    i caught a 5 minute bus to the wharf!!! and caught a ferry!!! to the city! (i'm in Australia, Sydney)

    walked to GUCCI and yey!

    no more words said!!! lol

    1. Tax Invoice + Sydney Harbour Bridge LOL
    2. GUCCI boutique bag + Sydney Harbour bridge lol
    took theses photos while waiting for my ferry...

    and my BAGGG!:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:more more more
    Gucci tax invoice.jpg Gucci harbour bridge.jpg my bag.jpg my baggg.jpg
  2. you say you're eighteen, how did you pay for the bags (Mono Geronimo/Gucci Duffel)? oh and can the duffel strap fit your shoulders? :biggrin:
  3. CONGRATS!!!!!!!! NICE BAG !!

    paolochua - I'm 17 and i can affored LV and Gucci too..
  4. YEP! the duffel can be shouldered! shoulder bag...? lol
  5. congrats!
  6. very nice,...make me wan ot get oen tooo:yes:
  7. OMG! IM JEAALLOOUSSS! im so saving up for one!
  8. oh so nice! Congrats! Glad to see it's the right one (without the piping).
  9. Love the duffel! Congrats!!
  10. So nice...enjoy!
  11. That's a great bag! Enjoy!
  12. Congratulations!
  13. Congrats!
  14. Nice congrats! I have the bigger one!
  15. Dog tags exchanged for the duffle! Great decision! Love that it is so versatile that you can use it handheld & on the shoulder!