My Dsw Purchases, keep or not?


Jul 16, 2008
Hi ladies, I was super late! I went to the dsw store 2 days ago @ union square only to find nothing good. I finally convinced the boyfriend to drive to the dsw @ carle place ONLY to find that they shipped everything they had to the union square store because the sales were not too hot :amazed: I did not want to leave empty handed so i decided to purchase 2 out of the 3 bags that were left :weird:

should i keep ? it was only 250 each but i know that the metallic trim tends to flake and rub off... the shoulder bag is for my sister:smile:

TODAY i also went back to the dsw @ union square since i was in the area going to PETCO. I saw these 2 ladies holding the boston joy medium bag in gray/black GG canvas and gunmetal trim. I was extremely jealous! I asked the SA if they had any more and they said it was returned item and the ladies was lucky to get theirs hands on it when it came back. The ladies did not seem like they were buying it, yet they were holding on to it. They were just sitting down on those chairs where people sit on to try shoes.EVEN THE SA(S) SAID THEY DON'T THINK THEY'RE GOING TO BUY IT BECAUSE THEY HAD ALREADY BEEN THERE FOR A WHILE EVEN BEFORE ME AND MY BOYFRIEND HAD CAME IN. I wanted to take the chance and wait for them to let go of the bag but 20 minutes passed and it seemed like they were just going to sit there all day on their cell phones talking. Me and my boyfriend decided to leave to have lunch and on the way back walking back to our car, we decided to go back in ONE more time and those ladies were still there sitting there on the phone after like 2 HOURS. There were like 4 other ladies tht wanted theirs hand on those 2 boston joy bags! I did not wanted to go up and ask if she was going to buy it because i overheard this other lady asking em if they were going to buy it and they replied "yes we're going to" with a very mean attitude. I don't get why dsw sa tell em to pay for it already if they were going to buy it because it seem like they were stalling because they did not have the money. I overheard them on the phone saying " it's a fly bag, just come" I assumed she was asking someone to come give her money. It should really be a first come, first serve thing, i mean com'on they been sitting there for hours giving everyone bad looks, and there's like 5 paying costumers that is willing to buy on the spot. I was really disappointed :sad:



Sep 3, 2008
New York
i'd keep the square handheld, very functional and it's cute ... but everything depends if you really like it, it might be a good deal but not so if you don't really like it.


on a shopping spree...
Aug 1, 2007
City of Angels
Nice buys...I like both, honestly. If you like it and you're going to use it then keep it! It's a great deal if you like the bag. It really sucks that those women were holding on to the bags for sooo long!!! I would have been furious and very sad at the same time!! I know how you felt and I'm sorry that you had to experience that...


Gone shopping
Aug 8, 2009
I'd return them...they're cute and all but there's nothing special about either one of them...other than the price!


Jun 20, 2006
out of those two i like the square one better, they are both ok. maybe try again?, you might get lucky and snatch a return that you love 100%!


Aug 31, 2008
San Diego, CA
i saw the square one in the brown/black canvas but i passed on it because of the gunmetal trim. i don't want to waste money on a bag that won't last. I wouldn't settle for bags that you don't truly love. thats $500 you can use on a HOT new one from the store!


Aug 11, 2009
I would return both of them unless you really like any of them. why waste $500 for two bags that you don't like very much. save the money and buy one that you really like for $500.


Jun 2, 2008
^^I agree. You seem like your on the fence about it anyways, it's a good thing that they have a 30 day return policy on these so you can think about it. Over time the gunmetal will rub off and give a worn look but not in a good way like it does leather, IMO.


Jul 16, 2008
yea i guess i will just ask my sis wants em and if she dont, i'll return it. ^^^ flipchick: the 1st bag on your signature, the valentine edition joy boston bag.. it's mad of metallic trim too i believe.. right? Does it rub off in time? i love it, it's super cute!