My Drooling Dog

  1. He goes CRAZY when he sees this box of treats ..... and look how much he drools..... is not much ... believe me it has been worst.... we have to wipe his face and ears all the time.... like a baby!

    This is what I give them.

    Look at his face!!! See all the drool dripping down his ears...
  2. Aaaah! He seriously wants his snacks!:smile:
  3. is that a cocker spaniel!?!?!
  4. aw! :lol:

    he's too cute!
  5. So cute lol ^-^
  6. effinhaute : yes he is ..... I love him....

    Leelee : he sure does..... he jumps and dances as soon as I tell him Quieres quadritos Gus .... translation = DO you want squares ... lol ... doesnt sound right in english....
  7. :lol: LOL...that's funny!
  8. Dogs with "jowls" drool more than most. Our Boxers leave spots all over the place. It's driving me crazy now that I can't bend down to wipe them up (post-op restrictions), but dragging a rag on the floor helps a little.

    It's funny how Pavlovian they are about treats.