My dress obsession continues this year...

  1. Last summer, I went on a "dress" craze - I realized how easy it was to wear them (only one piece of clothing, other than your undergarments) and how comfortable they were. Well, it's started again...

    I was SO bad this weekend...I went to NYC to visit my friend, and came home with 4 dresses!

    DVF (picture from

    DVF (from

    Anna Sui for Anthropologie (from

    And, a dress from Milly, which I can't find a picture of...I think the dress might be a Bergdorf's exclusive. I'm feeling most unsure about the Anna Sui dress from Anthro, so I might take it back. Either way, I clearly have an obsession, and MUST STOP.

    What do you guys think? Did I make good purchases?
  2. Gorgeous purchases!

    I've been eyeing that first DVF dress you posted.
  3. I think the Anthropologie dress is darling. In fact, it makes me want to go look at the dresses on their site...
  4. Defenitely good purchase... They are so gorgeous!
  5. Cute!

    I love dresses too.
  6. Great finds. I really like the Anna Sui :smile:!
    I've recently discovered dresses myself, very comfy and easy to wear!
  7. I love the DVF dresses
  8. I especially love the second DVF dress!!
  9. Lovely dresses :smile: congrats!
  10. Gorgeous!
  11. Thanks for the compliments!

    It looks like we might hit 70 degrees tomorrow and Wednesday, so I will probablt break out one of the dresses to wear!
  12. All those dresses are gorgeous!
  13. Wish I could buy Milly in the UK
  14. Yes, love the dresses they are beautiful. Congrats!!!
  15. Those dresses are all gorgeous! But I have to say... the first one is my fave.