My dreams of owning a Rouge Vif Box are shattered!

  1. I just bidded on one on eBay and I got SNIPED at the last second!! :crybaby:

    I'm so upset! I've wanted this bag for a long time and I finally found one on eBay that's in brand new condition for a reasonable price!

    I don't think it was meant to be. I think I'll just save my money for another purchase.

    I just wanted to rant so thanks for listening! :shame:
  2. I think Aloha Rag still has this bag/color in stock?
  3. Not to worry. I just called Aloha Rags. They have the Box in red.

    I was going to get a box in black, too bad they don't have ANY. Only white and red. Oh well, I was ready to swipe my card...:sad:
  4. I think BalNY still has the box in black. They had a handful of them about a month ago, I think.
  5. do they ship to canada?
  6. Yes they do! Hurry and email them for the Balenciaga order form before someone snatches it!
  7. There is one still on eBay right's at $910..
  8. ^^ although the auction says RV, it looks like rouille to me? or is it just the lighting?
  9. i was watching that one, very pretty! too bad you lost :sad:
  10. That sucks! Hope you get one elsewhere.
  11. Did you eventually call Aloha Rag? I don't know what red they were referring to. Just red and white in the box style.

    Yes, they ship internationally. The SA there are EXTREMELY helpful!:yes: