My dreambag is the apple green hobo...

  1. I`m still waiting for my green hobo, coming from Italy.
    It might be a flopp, not sure, but I think these bags are some
    of the hardest to get.
    What do you guys think.?:confused1:
  2. I :heart: apple green! Hope your bag gets here soon and is everything you are hoping it will be!
  3. i have an apple first and i adore her.. love the color
  4. There was an apple green day on eBay the other day, with a low BIN. When I first looked at it I should of grabbed it, when I went back it was gone. You have be quick. I hope a lovely pfer got it. :yes:
  5. where in Italy did you find it? Wow! I'm pretty sure it's not a flopp, the day is a popular and comfortable style and apple green is deeleecious!
  6. You can definitely find them, but you've a better chance of keeping an eye out for them on eBay since Apple Green is from a previous season. However, I hope your bag from Italy comes soon. Any indication of when it was shipped and where it is in the process of getting to you?

    Apple Green is lovely...:yes:

    This is my 500th post!!!
  7. Well it `s the same bag dancing_queen had purchased then returned...
    long story.
    She purchased it wanting it new as decsriibed, it was not.
    Now the seller sold it to me and I`m stuck with maybe a very used
    bag, I really hope not.
    Let you guys know.
  8. swissflower - I am so sorry! Hopefully eBay and PayPal can help you out! Let us know! :sad:
  9. Good luck swissflower! Hope it comes soon !
  10. I hope this turns out to have a happy ending - please let us know!

  11. :yahoo: Yep, it was meeee! So excited, I've always wanted an apple day. Will post pictures when it arrives....
  12. I hope everything will be OK !!!
    Keep us inform Swissflower !!!
  13. Thanks you guys...I just got a phonecall from UPS.
    The package is in clearing at the customs....ouchh.....
    It will cost me some $$$ to get it, the seller sent it with UPS
    from Italy and they usually go thru customs....:sad:
    Maybe she did not know it.

    The bag should be here on Monday...hope it`s nice and not as I
    heard from dancing_queen....:confused1:
  14. Me too :love: :love: :love:
  15. OMG.....GREEN APPLE DAY is mine (and my BF's) FAVVVVOOORITE bag....congrats on that **GREAT** find.