my dream wallet came true!! + a little bit more!!

  1. i am sO:huh:o:huh::huh:o:huh: excited!!!

    << officially bitten by the pomme love bug at last :love:




    "Pomme Envelope!"

    and her little sister!!
    "Pomme Ludlow"


    :girlsigh: sweet envelope: just the perfect size for me.. not too big.. not too small.. i use it with work bag and any other large bag..
    :balloon: cute ludlow: it was a must have.. i need it for pochette and mini pochette and all my other small purses..

    thanks to our lovely PF.. it helped me making the right choices : )


    i was debating between amarante and pomme ludlow.. but when i put them both against azur.. God the pomme just looked amazing!!

    a few more pics:

    P1.jpg p2.jpg p3.jpg
  2. wow Congrats !!! I love the pomme colour ! :heart:
  3. thank you dear :yahoo:
    the envelope.. i recieved more than a week ago.. and the ludlow i got it on Tuesday.. so i got to use both before posting this thread.. and i must say.. truely, seeing this color on display is something.. and using it is something else!!!
    everytime i use it.. i fall in love more!! while i wasnt that crazy about it at all when it first came and until recently.. but as i said.. the LOVE bug spreads the pomme love!! and what a sweet bug it is!! :heart:
  4. Congrats!
    I LOVE Pomme it's my fave colour atm!
    Congrats i was going CRAZY over that Ludlow yesterday it's soo stunning :nuts:
  5. Congrats! Any pictures of these open to see size etc?
  6. Congrat's the colors go well together :smile:
  7. thanks dear all ^^ :heart:

    sure.. will take pics for u now!! :tup:

    Hang on dear all..
    more pics coming up for size and interior comparison!! :yahoo:
  8. congrats!!!! the color is just beautiful!!!!
  9. Congrats!! Looks great with your Azur Pochette!!
  10. Congrats .. such a stunning colour:heart:
  11. That is absolutely adorable! Haha I love the little stuffed animals with them... it looks like just their size! Love it!
  12. congrats! its a beeautiful color!!
  13. yay congrats!!! pomme d'amour is a gorgeous color!!!
  14. more pics..
    Pomme Ludlow
    inside slots (3).. 2 are same size while the 3rd one is a bit larger
    i put my two bank cards here.. my ID and some business cards.
    while all my other cards (hospital, discounts, etc..) go in my azur cles.


    large main compartment (i put my folded cash here)



    Pomme Envelope

    my cards go in back slot

    my cash goes inside front large slot


    there is a small slot that i have no use for now

    p4.jpg p5.jpg p6.jpg p7.jpg p8.jpg
  15. here it is hanging from my wristlet :heart: