my dream spiaggia

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  1. Okay so I've played a little dr. frankenstein and made my perfect bag. I don't really like the girl in the bikini, (no offense to anyone that does, I just think she's a little out of place) What bag could I get this on? Keeping in mind I don't like a BV or MM. What do you guys think?

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  2. You can possibly find it with a bella,ciao, or stellina? they are small enough for you to find ur perfect print w/out the bikini girls. Maybe a ciao that has no girls on the front or the back?
  3. or I just want a denaro or a canguro with the reindeer and cactus kitty!
  4. I thought about that but I already have 2 ciaos. Do you think I could get it on a bambione? I've never tried one of those on, so I'm not quite sure the size :shrugs:
  5. Its actually pretty big! Its small but wide! I completely forgot about that! Sure-it fits stuff nicely!
  6. Lol I did this once and posted it in 'spiaggia is here' or something.
    It's similar to yours, only I wanted Bastardino and surfing monkey.

    This is mine, I did some photoshop surgery as well.


    If you want the scene as a whole, I think MM is your best choice even though you don't like it.
    If you don't mind the characters all over the bag then anything goes, just gotta work hard to find it. :Push:
  7. Hehe that's my dream pattern too. At first I liked the ocean part, but now I just want beach, ALL beach.:yes:
  8. I remember your! That's where I got the idea :yes: Did you ever find what you were looking for?
  9. hey that looks like my zucca!

    maybe a zucca is one of your options too :]
  10. It's the right section, but I want the unicorn and cactus kitty to show. Unicorn, cactus kitty and reindeer are the ones I love. Your bag is really cute though. I had a Foresta Zucca and I never used it. I'm more into bags I can "wear" as opposed to "carry":shrugs:
  11. i think bambinone is a good one, or maybe stellina with *your* perfect beach scene at the back :shrugs:

  12. Well, since I can only get my dream placement on a BV, I kinda gave up since I'm anti-BV right now because of mine. :crybaby:

    But if I find a close-to-perfect zucca- I won't be able to resist, I love zuccas SO much.
    (A ciao would be good too, but I think it's too narrow to have all my characters, I'm in the mood for a 'wear' back as well :graucho:).
  13. I can't do Stellinas, the strap is just a little too short on me.

    I sent Jamie an e-mail with the picture. I'm sure she thinks I'm crazy (and I probably am) but maybe she'll get something like that. I'll eventually have to get something with the reindeer on it (probably a denaro) but I'm not in a big rush. If I can't get my perfect bag I probably won't get one. :shrugs:
  14. My sister got the bambino w/out any of those girls but she is missing cactus kitty. Maybe you could get one like hers w/the reindeer on one side and cactus kitty on the other :shrugs:. Although Bambino is not a style you can wear, you do have to carry it. :confused1: This is hard. What about a caramella :yes:
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