My dream RM purse - gone!

  1. So I don't think I was hallucinating, but I SWEAR I bid on a Rebecca Minkoff MAM Tomato on eBay earlier today, and now when I went to check my bid, it's nowhere to be found! What do you think happened? Does eBay notify you when a seller takes their item off after you already bid on it? I'm soo sad :confused1: I really wanted it!!!
  2. ^It was missypoo's! And I believe it sold for her BIN price! Sorry but Im sure another will pop up
  3. I spent day and night looking at RM bags online this weekend and I'm pretty positive I saw the Tomato shade available on one of the website's I looked at. Was it that you wanted it for a good price or that the bag is hard to find? (Forgive my ignorance, I'm new here and new to RM.) :shame:
  4. Oh, sorry! Yeah, eBay has that new thing where the BIN price remains even when bids are placed. Good for the seller, but not so much for the buyer.

    Sure you will find another though.
  5. Oh, gosh, well, that's good, I'm happy for her that she got her BIN price!! :tup: Thanks for clearing it up! I thought at one point I was just imagining the whole thing!! :shame:
  6. Yep, it was my Tomato MAM that was listed babybeans. So sorry you didn't get it :sad:. Like GUNG said, I'm sure another one will pop up. I didn't think it was going to sell so fast lol. My family and I went out for supper last night and when I went to check on my auction, someone did the BIN.
  7. I'm happy for you that you got your asking price, though. I know how hard it is selling on ebay! So nerve-wrecking! You have great taste!!!:heart: