my dream purse...

  1. :heart: I need your help to find out witch is my dream purse.
    I want make a special order for a birkin but can't tell what I should order.

    size: 30 PHW

    color: bark blu or brown

    leather: is the point.
    It has to keep the shape
    It has to smell nice
    It has to be soft at touch
    It has to get old nicely
    It has to be scratch resisten (or develope a nice patina)
    If it can resist few drops of water...better.
    My dream leather would probably be rodeo, but H doesn't make purses in rodeo.
    I'm afraid box doesn't feel so smooth and doesn't smell at all.
    I though of evergrain maybe...
    What would you suggest?
    Do you have pictures?
  2. ohhh, costa, I was going to say Fjord, but it's not soft to the touch.....hmmm......where is HG??? WAKE UP HG!!!! (I think it's night-night time in NY right now, but she doesn't nap long.......)
  3. BTW, box is one of the smoothest leathers......but not scartch 'bout togo?
  4. I wouldn't mind the skratches on box since it develop a nice patina.
    But yesterday I saw a box kelly in my H store and it was soooo rigid.

    I just realize i wrote Bark.... I was meaning black...
  5. How about Swift?
  6. I got up and smelt my togo first thing........
  7. evergrain or togo, imo.....good luck!
  8. Wierd, but I posted an answer a few hours ago and find it's not here. Anyway, Costa, my vote is for togo, it's much more scratch resistant than evergrain. However, evergrain is silkier to touch.
  9. Togo would be my pick too-one of my all-time favorites, but if you want a flatter grain, then that's a bit more tricky for scratch-resistance unless you go with GF's suggestion for Fjord, which has a grain but it's not as raised as Togo. It is slightly stiffer/heavier than Togo, but it still pudges out nicely and naturally on the sides.
  10. [​IMG]This is perfect-----
  11. Holds the shape, smooth, water resistant...:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

  12. What about scratches:wtf: ?
  13. I don't think he'll mind a few scratches.
  14. :roflmfao:

    Mhhh. I think this is the short list:
    Swift (?)

    Do you have any in these leathers? Do you have pictures?:flowers:
    How do you like it??
  15. I can't belive I got an epsom birkin instead of a box one:Push:
    HG told me....