My dream of Dior

  1. So I woke up today smiling because in my dream, I was in a mall and I walked into the Dior store..The second I stepped in, the SA walked up to me and started handing me all these dior makeup pouches and showing me bags.. It was such a happy dream lol!

    Has anyone else ever encountered something similiar to this?
  2. What a fantastic dream!! :nuts:

    In my dream world it would have been a shirtless Johnny Depp handing me all the Dior goodies. :drool: :graucho:
  3. I like this dream :blush:
  4. i had a dream about bags hanging on the trees like fruits and you could just go and pick them up:nuts: ...but these were balenciagas :yes:
  5. I love dreams like those! Sounds like someone is in need of a Dior fix... :yes:
  6. I had a dream similar to urs except i was in LV lol
  7. Too bad it is not reality.
  8. i'm now questioning my level of bag obsession since i don't get any dreams like that.

    i did dream of meeting john galliano, or at least i dreamt that i was in a dior couture gown and he refused to meet me because he said i was too fat. :sad:

  9. Johnny G would have never said that ! :nuts:Im sorry u had such a bad dream ... you should email him and im sure he would agree to meet u ! ;)
  10. i think he might apply for a restraining order against me if i ever got a hold of his email address. :lol: but you're right nat, i can probably imagine kaiser karl saying that - especially since he did make a fuss when h&m made his collection for a size about uk10 or something. but after seeing galliano's own couture show where he featured "offbeat" models, i think the man is just too charming! :heart:
  11. and lets face it kaiser karl before he turned anorexic was a dunkin doughnut himself ! :roflmfao: maybe he is an haute couture god but he still is a stuck up a$$ to me ...:p;)
  12. :yes::roflmfao:
    i wish i knew kaiser karl's recipe for being thin tho. :push:

    (oooh nat, we keep hijacking threads!)
  13. That is such a nice dream!!! Haha...
  14. i know we are SOOOOO bad ! :roflmfao: his receipe for being thin was water and 2 lettuce leaves per day he admitted himself he ended up with anorexia a few years ago...not a good way :sad:
  15. uggghhhhh. lettuce leaves?! i think i'd cave in and eat my own arm after 15 minutes.