My Dream Mousse!

  1. I got a Mousse Paddington! Way earlier than I planned, I couldn't help myself. Very bad. I love it soooo:heart: much! It's my 2nd favorite bag overall right now (next to my 06 chocolate Paddy).

    It's really like a clay color, if anyone is wondering. Green/grey with a near blue undertone.

    I love that I have one Paddy with silver hardware, I love that distressed nickel! I put the key chain on to keep with the silver AND gold thing.

    Great neutral Spring colour! I'm using it in March on my trip!

    Pictures!! (more attached)

    Paddy-Mousse.JPG Paddy-Mousse-smoosh.JPG Paddy-Mousse-wfob.JPG Paddy-Mousse-wolock.JPG
  2. Love the bag!!! Btw, where did you get the keyholder from? I saw the ones at diabro and thought they were cute.
  3. Enjoy! Great color!
  4. I got it on eBay. I preferred the look to the Diabro ones. It was almost as much, but that's fine.
  5. Gorgeous!!! :yahoo:
  6. Congrats! she is gorgeous!
  7. Congrats!
  8. congrats! love the key chain as well. :biggrin:
  9. Thanks :smile:
  10. Congrats! I have Ms Mousse as well!
  11. Picture?!
  12. Congrats! I've always admired the silver hardware. Gorgeous mousse paddy!
  13. Beautiful your a very lucky gal!!!
  14. Enjoy her!!:yes:
    I love mine too - a very versatile colour i think you'll agree!;)
  15. It's gorgeous! Congrat's & enjoy!!! :smile: