My Dream Miu Miu

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  1. Does anyone out there have this bag - the napa crystal?
    I saw it about a year ago at the boutique in LV and I still think/dream about all the time. I know it's not the most practical everyday bag but it's SO pretty...

    I have searched numerous threads but haven't come across any mention of it or what people who have one think of it. Any comments are appreciated! :smile:

    Here's a link to the picture:
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  2. Awesome:smile:
  3. Awesome:smile:
  4. Sigh. I love it:heart:
    The woman at the boutique showed me the strap was detachable and can be worn as a necklace. I thought that was so neat!
    I'm still kicking myself for not buying it....
  5. Wow,that is really cool! I know they turn up occasionally on eBay- just be super careful about authenticity!
  6. Yes, I have seen them around but in the end it's just not a very practical bag for my lifestyle. I know I wouldn't get a chance to use it very often....except to stare at it on the shelf lovingly, LOL.
    I do regret not buying it but I think I would probably regret it more in the end if I did get it.
    Wow, look at me being so responsible :giggles:
  7. wow.. and the fact that the crystal strap can be worn as a necklace, i'm so tempted!
    like the black/nude version.
  8. I like the black version too!
    I would love to hear from someone who has this bag to tell me how horrible it is so I won't want it anymore, LOL!
  9. Ah what a nice bag, love the color. Great spring bag!
  10. :graucho:i love the bag!!!!!!!!!
  11. the bag looks nice... however, i found that as the strap is pretty darn heavy compared to the bag itself.
    The leather is fairly light compared to the chain and with the heavy turn lock on the lower part of the bag, unless you have some heavy stuff to carry, the bag flips upside down alot.
  12. Thank you for your comment on this bag! Finally someone who has one :P
    I could see how it would flip upside down without some weight in the bag.
    I seem to have no problem loading up my bags, so that would not be an issue for me, LOL.
  13. nice!! good taste.
  14. I have the white one and I love it! When the SA showed me the 7 different ways to wear it, I was totally sold. Plus, I'm a sucker for bling.
  15. Wait...did you say 7 ways to wear it?!
    Please share :smile: