My dream last night

  1. I dreamt that I bought an Evelyne in Barenia and Toile and wore it on a light rain day. The next day I found that the Barenia stained on the toile and one of the rings to the strap rusted!

    I met my SA while she was off work shopping with a close client of hers. I showed her what happened and she said perhaps H will offer me USD300 credit for my next purchase.

    Am I sick?
  2. Poor thing, you must try not to go to sleep right after eating. That brings bad Hermes dreams.
  3. This is very Freudian...the Barenia represents your id, the toile your alter-ego, the rain your parents and the rust all of your childhood angst.

    And for H to offer you a $300 credit is to acknowlege your suffering, but you're still a long ways from total recovery. You need to keep dreaming until you dream of the day H offers you a shopping spree on them at the Paris mothership.
  4. Oh no!!!! How horrible! I would think if an H bag was that faulty, they would offer you a new one!

    Now if you ask Freud...I'm sure your dream means something....
  5. then i'll never want to wake up
  6. I'd like this dream too!! :yes: :yes:
  7. What a nightmare!!!
  8. Oh sorry you ruined your beautiful bag...
    But..well.. I'd still love to dream about carrying a barenia evelyne~ yumm
  9. jehaga, you'll need to interpret my next Hermes dream... If I had dreamed mypeko's dream, I'd say you were pretty darn on the mark :p
  10. hummm,... interesting.
  11. LOL...Freud was on coke and studied neurotic women... But I still like the interpretation...very clever...
  12. from random web dream dictionaries....
    glad it didn't happen for real!


    Weather in dreams is generally a detail that may be left unanalyzed unless it is particularly noticeable to the dreamer for some reason. Rain is one of these notable exceptions. The reason comes from the relationship between water and fertility that many cultures affirm. In dreams where rain and water-fertility are identified, there is usually an unique feature to the rain. This can be as mundane as a drought that is broken to rain that only falls indoors on one or two particular people.

    HANDBAG things close to you


    To dream that you are carrying a purse, signifies secrets which are being closely held and guarded.

    To dream that you lost your purse, denotes loss of power and control of possessions. It also suggests that you may have lost touch with your real identity.

    To see rust in your dream, signifies neglect or depressing surroundings, characterized by false friends and a decline in good luck.
  13. I had a real great dream last night...I owned a thalassa blue Croc Birkin!! Although if I was going to buy an exotic, I'd prefer Ostrich. I'm glad someone started a dream thread. It was a darn beautiful bag, I didn't want to wake up. ;) I wonder what it means...considering it would take me to almost 50 years old before I could even aquire a Croc. ;) Hopefully it means many
    H bags in my future. ;)
  14. Funny, I had a H dream last night as well.

    My husband is a teacher. I dreamt that when each student handed in his/her essay, they also had to hand in a Birkin bag. It was my job to keep track of which Birkin was associated with which student...

    This is what happens when you study Whitebirkins' bags before going to bed!!
  15. OMG OMG...I had a H dream last night too! I dreamt I went into H for the first time to look around and they offered me to make a Podium Order for my holy grail birkin! I just wish it was soooo true...