My dream KS, the photorose Maise, is leather...or...PU or...?

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  1. Hi board! I am still on the quest to get a Cedar Street Maise in Photoreal Rose from 2014. The website still lists the bag if you google it, but no images. It states the bag is leather. This bag in leather basically never comes up over online auctions. There is one up for sale that states its from a Flagship store, but the seller told me was polyurathane. So..... is this a factory bag? Do they make multiple bags in the boutiques over time (leather, then PU) or ?

    Basically, I love the print, but $200+ for vinyl doesn't sit well, and if leather did exist, should I wait or will it be $$$$?
  2. I think the seller must be misinformed due to confusion. The outlet doesn't make Maise bags, and as far as I know this bag in the photorealistic pattern was always leather. (The outlet DID release bags in the same pattern a few months ago, but they were vinyl totes and crossbodies.)

    Just to be safe, you could ask the seller to take a picture of the interior tag. Since you stated the bag is still listed on Kate Spade's site, you could see if the product codes match to confirm.
  3. Yep! That's the one I am looking at. There are no pictures on the Kate Spade website, so no way to compare. There does seem to be some confusion.

    This bag in leather would be my DREAM. :love:
  4. I emailed for better pics, maybe there will be a product code. Its not....hideous... but not sure what one could expect to pay for a used PU bag. :sad:
  5. Indeed both retail store and outlet stores have released the real roses print bag because outlet stores often "recycle" the prints after 6-12 months :smile: Remember the outlet version of the "Maise" is the "Rachelle"

    Here are some of the details that I know and hopefully that helps you out:

    Retail Store: "Cedar Street Floral Maise in PhotoReal Roses - PXRU5085"

    Outlet Store: "Grand Street Floral Small Rachelle in Multi PhotoRose - WKRU3253"

    When comparing photos of a maise vs rachelle, these are the key features to look for:
    - Gold bar-shape hardware across the bases of both top handles (4 total) : Maise has, Rachelle does not
    - Gold "feet' hardware x 4 along the bottom of the bag to help it elevate from surfaces to avoid dirt and grime : Maise has, Rachelle does not.

    Kate Spade New York link to outlet Rose Bag (with pictures, still at the time I'm posting!): (States: Printed PVC)

    As far as I recall, all retail store bags that are under the "Cedar Street" lineup are crosshatched saffiano leather but not sure if there are any exceptions to this.

    Ebay Links

    Retail Bag:

    Outlet bag:

    Hope you find your dream bag soon!
  6. More differences between the outlet Rachelle and the full price Maise are the interior pocket lining and interior logo. The interior slip pockets are lined and there is a spade stud on the zipper pocket for the Maise. The outlet slip pockets are not lined and a leather patch is in place of the stud.

    The original version was made of leather and was sold out very quickly.
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    Very mysterious. Either way its headed to my house. :smile: The leather is like some mythical Quixotic bag. I may never see it, or even afford it. This is great, and from a sweet seller.

    Mine has feet and gold bars on the strap. Pocket is lined, little stud on the pull tab. Marked 100% PU. My local boutique said they were not leather. Maybe there were two runs? Hard to tell, go figure.

    Thanks, board! :smile:
  8. Would love some mod shots of your pretty bag! ^.^
  9. The details on the daisy print bags say they are faux leather, so that would be my guess. But fwiw, I've never seen the rose print in person.
  10. I have a photorose bag and I love it!!
  11. Its here and its lovely! So fun and lighthearted. My fellow Kate Spade addict is in a tizzy as she says the small metal Kate Spade nameplate on the front means its for outlet (trash, in her mind), but literally every other detail you ladies have mentioned points to not. Personally, I love it, I do not mind. But any thoughts on that plate would be fun to hear. It is PVC, for sure! But the design quality is very good I think. :smile:
  12. Yes, mine has held up very well and I get lots of compliments! Enjoy!! Do you have a modeling or new pict of it?
  13. I think the small rectangular metal plate is very tasteful and discreet. Over the years, it has appeared on both boutique and outlet items. I have four purses with the plate: 2 boutique and two made-for-outlet designs that I bought from surprise sales. Love them all and very impressed with design and quality.

    Glad to hear you are loving you new bag! Hope to see some photos sometime! ;)