My Dream KELLY

  1. Thanks to most wonderful and very helpful Fleursetcarlines ,i was able to make my dream come true .
    I got the most beautiful vintage Box kelly 32 Black with GH :nuts: .The kelly hardly looks to be around 30 odd years looking at her .The patina is yet to be developed ,and whoever had it earlier had hardly used it .
    It was my lucky day when i contacted Fleursetcarlines and i am happy i did so .
    posting some pictures some which are Fleursetcarlines(as i am a lousy photographer)
    ShowLetter[1].jpg ShowLetter[2].jpg ShowLetter[3].jpg HPIM0681.JPG HPIM0684.JPG
  2. Mmmm! She's a classic!
  3. Oh, what a beauty! Congratulations!
  4. oooohhhhh -- that's a REAL oldie with hermes engraved on both straps. no zipper pocket either, right? what a wonderful find -- wear it in good health!
  5. Uma - What A Treasure Find!
  6. Congrats Uma!!! :smile: What a classic beauty! :heart:

    Box calf is best!!! :yahoo: :love: :love: :love: the patina! (or is it the flash?)

  7. She is a STUNNER!!!:love: CONGRATS on such GORGEOUS find and enjoy her in the best of health!:smile:
  8. What a find!!
    She's a beauty!
  9. STUNNING classic, UMA! Congratulations and wear her in the best of health!!!!! She's truly gorgeous!!!!!!
  10. Congrats! It's a real beauty!
  11. she's in wonderful condition!!! and absolutely gorgeous!!!
  12. Gorgeous - what a classic!
  13. wonderful! that is exact Kelly I want one day!
  14. Well she does have an amazing patina ,like mirror ,have not used flash
  15. What a beauty......and so classic:heart: