My Dream Hermes Bag Reveal....OMG!

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  1. #1 Mar 15, 2019
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2019
    IMG-0749.JPG IMG-0750.JPG IMG-0751.JPG IMG-0831.JPG IMG-0837.JPG So, this is my dream-come-true Hermes bag. The bag is 45cm Fjord in Natural Sable with white contrasting stitching and gold hardware. It's not as big as my 55 cm HAC Vache Naturelle, but is a size I would love to carry almost daily. Does anyone know the durability of Fjord, especially in drizzle/light rain?

    I was really happy that in Bababebi's expert opinion, this HAC is authentic. I received the authenticate certification today. Since this is vintage and has unique characteristics I have not seen in other Haut a Courroies, her expertise in this matter was key! Mainly, it only has four feet, the Hermes-Paris plate is on the opposite side and the stamping on the front panel is no longer present. It is a gorgeous Haut a Courroies and quite honestly, a dream of mine.

    Enjoy the photos:
  2. Congratulations on your Fjord HAC!

    No leather should get drenched too often but Fjord is oe of the most durable (so I've been told by SAs, I don't own any examples).
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  3. Gorgeous! Just Gorgeous! :heart::heart::heart::heart: :congrats: :congrats:
  4. Amazing! What a beautiful find! Enjoy!
  5. Fab dream bag! Congrats! Very classic and chic.
  6. I love that you plan to carry it “almost daily”.
    It looks so well-cared for......I hope you two have many happy adventures together!
    (I’m vintage myself and I don’t look nearly as good!).
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  7. Love it!!! I have a Fjord B35 and it has been drizzled on a few times and the water just wipes right off. It is a very sturdy leather. I have carried my Fjord literally every day for a year and it looks the same as the day I got it - it has been on a cruise and a month long trip to Europe as well. You can not go wrong with Fjord.
  8. Congratulation on finding your dream bag. What a beautiful bag!
  9. Congratulations on getting this beauty!!!! Love that you found your dream bag - wear in great health!!!!!
  10. It is beautiful...

  11. I'd love to know what color your Fjord is!
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  13. What an awesome find!
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  15. Great! Some modeling shoot plsssss