My dream Harry Winston Ring-Any good jewelers that could make cheaper?

  1. So here is my dream ring.....Its Harry Winston, here is the description on it:

    Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding our "Megumi" oval-cut diamond ring. Attached is an image of one we currently have in our Beverly Hills stock. It is a 1.75 ct. oval-cut diamond set horizontally in a vintage style micropave mounting, D color, VS2 clarity. The price is $30,000.

    Doh! No way can Dbf afford such a price tag. I want this so badly. Does anyone know a good jeweler in the LA area that could make something similiar and fabulous?
  2. I'm almost certain any great jeweler could remake that for you:yes:
    I know 2 in TX that could.
  3. I know one in Newport Beach CA who used to set for Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels in Paris for 20 yrs. IMHO, he's the best!

  4. Check out the pricescope forums...there are all sorts of diamond nuts over there! You'll get lots of great advice on diamond purchasing...and lots of pix of awesome e-rings... even pick up some suggestions for awesome custom jewelers!
  5. Yeowch! I'm guessing part of the BIG dollar amount is the color of the stone. A "D" is gonna set ya back! Do they have a diamond in a different color grade that can be put in the same setting? Maybe...I don't know a an F or G? That's only if your heart is set on getting the actual ring from Harry Winston...otherwise, you can have a ring set up almost exactly the same somewhere else...I'm sure of it!
  6. So it's 1.45am in Hawaii & I was curious, so I looked this up...

    ... pricescope is showing whiteflash & james allen with loose diamonds with 1.78 D/VS2 oval cuts from 13,852-14010, and if you choose a G color instead (it's just a step below colorless & most of us can't eyeball the diff in a solitaire setting anyway), pricescope is showing bluenile with 1.71 & 1.75 G/VS2 oval cuts from 12,621-12,736.

    Even with a custom setting, you could probably wrangle your dream ring definitely under 20k, possibly under 15k if you go with a G color.

    Grand total savings of upto 50% off! :yahoo:
  7. WOw!!! Thanks so much for looking this up. I just love the setting too. Do you think that swetting will be easy to copy? I know about the 4 c's just not about settings, and having the rings made.
  8. Oh yah... the setting is not so bad to replicate, although from what I understand you have to be more careful with pave set diamonds b/c it's not as secure as prong settings...

    That being said.... a good custom jeweler with work with you to figure out a design YOU love. After some more research, it may be that you want to take this width of shank (tapered or no?) with that kind of halo setting & a particular amount of pave diamonds in a certain pattern....

    They'll sketch stuff out, most have CAD so you can get a visual of what you're getting...and then they'll make a wax cast... you ALWAYS get final say... just remember... you get what you pay for! Custom designed settings aren't inexpensive, but there are pre-made ones that may come close...

    Seriously though... check "Show me the Ring" thread at Pricescope forums, lots of yummy e-ring eye candy there, and you'll get lots of recommendations for good custom jewelers. :yes: