my dream came true

  1. I casually walked into the valentino boutique just to ask them when they wilk be having a sale or promos and scored my dream shoes at 50% off
    So dreams do come true....
    I have been after these babies for months now and finally brought them home
  2. :popcorn:
  3. Killer red bag
  4. My fave red box (my babies love it as well)
  5. And my new treasure
  6. Lots of modelling pix
    ForumRunner_20120602_051622.png ForumRunner_20120602_051652.png ForumRunner_20120602_051720.png
  7. And more
  8. What a great day
    ForumRunner_20120602_051942.png ForumRunner_20120602_052029.png
  9. Oh they are beautiful!! Congratulations!!!
  10. Wow! Stunning shoes!
  11. Congratulations! They look amazing on you:smile:

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  12. Thank you
  13. Thank you i will cherish them forever
  14. Oh yes,i saw another one at store as well kinda cheetah skin with grey straps but these were timeless
  15. shoe-stopper aha, they're so gorgeous, unique, and amazing, congrats 8)