My dream came true :D

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  1. I just had to share this with everyone in my own post. While I know quite of you own this bag, I have dreamed of this bag for years, and I can finally say it's mine (I can thank my Dad):
    (I knew you would all appreciate my excitement hahaha)


    I also bought some LV earrings:

    While these arn't LV, had to share... also bought some Christian Louboutin heels...

    AHHHH can't wait to wear them all out!
  2. Congrats..! :heart: Love 'em all..!
  3. Very nice bag! The shoes are pretty! Those earrings are really cute too!
  4. Love everything, and your legs look miles long. :yes:
  5. congrats!
  6. love it all! Congrats!
  7. Congrats love everything .. they are so cute !!
  8. Wow what an amazing group of new treasures! Enjoy!!!
  9. i love the manhatten, such a gorgeous, classic bag, congratulations. Sexy shoes too!
  10. Oh wow, I love your new bag, it's so beautiful!
    Congrats! :flowers:
  11. love everything!! :love: congrats!
  12. What lovely little ankles you have! Haha, and lovely new LV goodies, too. :tup:
  13. CONGRATSSS :love: Love them esp, your earrings, I'm eyeing them
  14. Congrats!!!
  15. LVoe it!!! Congratz!!!!